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  • Earn To Die: How bad would you like to get into the car and split from the dry desert full of roaming zombies? Fi...
    Zombie Lane: Robert, who is a neighborhood rent-a-cop and a security officer needs to deal with the undead for th...
    My Monster X's: Check out what would your monster girlfriend do if she caught you cheating? What if she gets home so...
    Hodag Snag: An eerie, one button game where you try to snag a clear photo of the mysterious creature known as th...

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    Welcome to CrazyScaryGames (CSG) Online Games

    CrazyScaryGames is a website devoted to online games featuring your friends from the worst nightmares: Zombies, Monsters and other scary creatures.

    Monster games involve a lot of mythical creatures such as mummies, vampires, dragons, ogres, and the likes. It really doesn't matter who your ultimate opponent is. What's more important is to find a way to eliminate them. Somtimes, the monsters are too many it becomes a one-against-all type of a game. Yet in some, a one-on-one combat is involved. Either way, the goal remains the same - you need to come out victorious in every level. You must defeat all monsters and not the other way around.

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    Zombie games have their own following and that's a fact. Defend the humankind from the claws of the unfeeling crawling creatures of the night. Are you ready for that huge challenge? If so, pick a zombie game and play it with all fervor. Think about all the humans that are counting on your salvation.

    Players won't have a shortage of free Halloween games over the internet ever at all.

    If it is scary games that you want, then it will be scary games that you'll get. So just enjoy all of them while you can!

    WARNING: Some games on this website are jump-out-of-your-seat scary, thus being not recommended for little kids or for those faint of heart! There. You've been warned ;)

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    Check out our next scary project on dark horror games where we keep only horror games.

    NEW PROJECT: I noticed that there are plenty of players who like to solve puzzles, find hidden objects in an effort to find a way out of clandestine laboratories, dungeons or ordinary living rooms. That's why I singled out only escape games in a special project that I called Cool Escape Games. These games are generally not scary.

    I've decided to focus on Five Nights At Freddy's series by creating a new website "" with only Five Nights At Freddy's games and news.

    We know that kids are being blocked at schools from playing online flash games, and that's why we support new project Unblocked Games Central with unblocked games, which should allow unlimited and safe kids' play at school's computers. We will soon add five nights at freddy's unblocked and horror unblocked games there.

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