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    Super Scary Escape Games

    So if you find yourself looking for a short fright of scary delight, why not check out one of these Scary Escape Games?

    scary escape games

    Escape games have been around for a long time, made popular by the Myst series. In escape games, players are often presented with puzzles that will have to be solved before the player can move to the next section of the game. These games offer a simple point and click gameplay. Most of them have above average graphics, some offering photo realistic backgrounds for the puzzle. Escape games are most often set in an adventure scenario of some type. Scary escape games are set in horrific situations. Most of these games are found on the web with very few on the home consoles as they are flash based games. These games are best played with a headset and in the dark, alone. Here is a look at some of the best examples of escape games to leave a chill.

    Silent Hill Room 304 is a free escape game that is set in the world of Silent Hill. Silent Hill set the bar for the survival horror genre on the home consoles. It will also set the bar for web based flash games. Silent Hill is a mining town in Virginia. The town suffered some horrible accidents which allow the minions of Hell to roam its city streets and buildings. Room 304 takes this setting and places a real life photo realism that will engage the player. The game offers superb sound effects and voice acting. It also features onscreen information about certain objects or paths. Silent Hill Room 304 is well worth the play-through.

    Killer Escape 2: The Surgery is another scary escape game that is worth checking out. It is not as detailed as Silent Hill Room 304 but it does offer a nice ambiance. The game takes place directly after the first one. The player is in a prison of some sorts and shortly after the intro, the player is knocked unconscious and strapped to a type of surgery chair. There is a mad woman standing over the player when the character comes to who is about to commit a brutal murder on the player. She is called off by the sound of a guard on an intercom ordering all prisoners back to their cells. Thus begins the escape. It is a fright fest and well worth wasting an hour in the dark.

    Ghost Escape is an escape game that has the player enter a haunted house and purge it of the evil spirits within. The gameplay is a simple point and click that anyone can pick up and play. The game offers a little depth to the gameplay by adding a cypher key for the numeric codes which a player must find in order to complete the task. The player must find red candles to complete a ceremony that is being held in the attic. The player will also need to take pictures of ghosts, orbs, hideous pictures, and more. The game offers a nice soundtrack and the graphics are decent for the title. It is very addictive though, even with the timer counting, it is easy to lose track of the time during playing.

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