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  • Red Oz Part 1

    Red Oz Part 1
    Red Oz is the first episode of Hyptosis' point and click adventure about you solving the mystery of Witch of the East End.
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    Red Oz Part 1

    Red Oz Part 1

    Red Oz is the first episode of Hyptosis' point and click adventure about you solving the mystery of Witch of the East End.

    The game ties in Alice is Dead which Hyptosis co-created along with Mike Morin.

    I would look at this as a Halloween edition of an old story of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' retold in a eerie way.

    Let's go through it very quickly. I am going to write down short text walkthrough but you may watch the video walkthrough if you like.
    • Starting in bedroom, you want to grab the watch.
    • There are certain stuff you don't have to look at if you don't want to, such as a letter underneath cabinet that reads "OLDman Daddy RinD Leaves a note all the time ..." There are other things too and they're there just for flavor, actually do not have any impact on the gameplay.
    • Go down the hall and to the kitchen.
    • When you look at the kitchen windows, there are few messages that you need to see "Daddy likes the skin white and new". While we're seeing these messages, things are being moved around the house.
    • Pick up the butcher's knife while in the kitchen.
    • Go back to the hall and take a look at the picture with a rabbit holding a hammer. Here on the picture frame, the key has been set up on top of the frame. That's the bras key for my kitchen door.
    • Use the key in the door to get outside and see that the witch has been crushed.
    • Than go to the pumpkin patch (good timing - this game comes out exactly around Halloween), use the knife to open up the pumpkin and get the magnet out of it.
    • Give the wrist watch to you fox friend and go talk to quiller whose lungs have been cut out by wicked witch (that's sad).
    • The solution of the puzzle is on the note dropped by the witch. you need to memorize or better write down numbers for each object mentioned in the letter. 2 - trees, 1 jester, 3 knights, ... There are two buttons on the puzzle. The first one, the larger one is like a selector while the smaller button works as '1'. There's a leaf so that's like from a tree so you need to type in '2', which means you click 2 times small button and than press larger button once to move on to a next symbol. If you mess up you can click 'reset'. Knight is 3. There's a horseshoe for luck and that was 2. diamond is for greed - 1, and the last one is the king's crown - that was twice. So that opens up and it gives us the lungs to give back to this poor fellow.
    • He tells us what we need to do.
    • There's this guy. He's a mechanical robot tin man type person so we've put a magnet on his head what gets him out of the way.
    • And that's the end. In the end you realize you were playing as Dorothy Gale, but a much meaner version of her.

    Red Oz part 1 - video walkthrough

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      Ripley (1099) - 2015-11-12, 16:19
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