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    Deal With The Devil

    The prize for playing against the devil is unknown.

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    Deal With The Devil

    Deal With The Devil

    The prize for playing against the devil is unknown. It might be a long and good life, or you might just be trying to keep the life you got, as is. The stake is your life. Do you have the guts to try? To begin, click anywhere on the screen.

    This is how the playing board looks like. There's an image of the devil at the center position with the question marks distributed evenly all around it. Underneath the devil's head, there's a line which goes 'soul'. That's your life as a stake.

    The game is very simple. First, you need to click on the 'deal' button to deal the cards. There is only two type of cards, those with the word 'salvation' and those with the word 'damnation'. After one turn, all you know is how many cards of each kind have been dealt, and the places where the cards are marked with the lighting buttons.

    Then, you must pick one slot. If the card in that slot is about your salvation, you either keep your soul as is, or you increase a slight part you've been previously lost. Otherwise, in case you picked the damnation card, the devil takes a fragment of your soul away from you.

    I don't think you can beat the devil. Once you start playing, you play until you lose. As the game progress, the devil changes it's face becomes more and angrier. Check out what happens in the end.

    update: There actually is a way to beat the beast. The rounds are counted. There are ten games. After each round the game counter decreases. I never managed to keep the soul after more than 5 or 6 rounds. At one of the last stages, I got cards with 5 damnations and only 1 salvation. Another problem is that you don't start with 100% soul, but if it's true that the devil cheats, that wouldn't help anyway. What about you?

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