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  • House - Kill Everybody

    House - Kill Everybody

    Mysterious fun little flash game about girl who needs to rescue her sister and kill everybody else in the house.

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    House - Kill Everybody

    House - Kill Everybody

    Mysterious fun little flash game about girl who needs to rescue her sister and kill everybody else in the house.

    Basically you are solving a puzzle, because you need to do something in exact order (to kill everybody) before daddy gets home and than you must kill daddy too. So, daddy doesn't love you. He's a freak, a mass murderer, psychiatric case, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, if you know what I mean. His sweet little daughter is running for her life, ready to do any monstrosity that is expected from her, only to survive.

    Daddy is bad. He's wearing a knife, so unless you take care of him, he will kill you, and the game will set you back to the beginning.

    Not only that you need to accomplish the mission, but depending on how you do it, you can even earn some medals.

    So, basically you have several options, because you can do certain kills with different weapons: shotgun, axe or bear trap. You can get an axe if you bring cat to the doll, and the doll will return favor by giving you an axe in return :) really?

    Anyway, there's a monster in the far right room, and a giant rat with little mini baby rats in one of the rooms as well. The idea is to not get killed by daddy before you get to the room where your sister is. You need to rescue her. That's the mission. But you need to hurry up, because time is ticking and daddy is getting closer.

    Haven't seen such good short game in a while. And, not the first time to play pixelated horror. It feels as if that adds up to the creepy atmosphere even more, since you don't get to see clearly nobody's face what makes everything even scarier.

    Although I did spent some time searching for a walkthough on YouTube, couldn't find anything. Maybe it's the game's name, because there's another house horror game, called The House, which is like super popular and everybody plays it on youtube. So, even if there is some walkthrough out threre, I wasn't able to find it because if was probably under a big pile of The House reviews and gameplays. Despite the fact that this game definitely deserves a review, I was too lazy to make one, so in case you decide to do it, just let me know and I will gladly embeded to this page.

    crazycrazy : this is actually quite good game, one of my favorites

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : @crazy :D

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : gurl cute


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    • avatar
      BadEverDayXD (3169) - 2018-04-12, 15:26

    • avatar
      BadEverDayXD (3169) - 2018-04-12, 15:22
      gurl cute

    • avatar
      BadEverDayXD (3169) - 2018-04-12, 15:17
      @crazy :D

    • avatar
      crazy (4176) - 2017-02-28, 16:34
      this is actually quite good game, one of my favorites

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