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    Little Phobia
    A little boy's night-walk to bathroom turns into one of his worst nightmares.
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    Little Phobia

    Little Phobia

    A little boy's night-walk to bathroom turns into one of his worst nightmares. A short passage turned into an endless corridor where a pesky ghost follows in your footsteps. If he gets too close, a boy dies in terrible screams. You won't see blood or anything like that. In 'Little Phobia' horror game, there are no jumpscares, scary faces coming out of nowhere or gore scenes. Everything looks naive, almost cartoonish. Everything except for the creepy sound effects and background noises. These are like a soundtrack for an A production horror movie. The game comes with unlimited lives by default. Earning trophies is fun, but completely optional. The game style resembles little to 'The Curse Of TV', but is by far more complex game. Little Phobia

    About the author

    The game went out around September 2014, which means it didn't take too long to get noticed. Author is 'deqafstudio' which is not really famous for horror games. This is probably their first horror project.

    Little Phobia gameplay

    How to play + secret tips & trophies

    The game is designed as a 2d side-scrolling platformer. A boy walks down the hallway, jumping on and off the furniture while passing all kinds of deadly obstacles. On his way, he meets a ghost, while being constantly watched by hungry eyes lurking from the dark. Use [WAD] to move and jump. [E] is to interact (i.e. to drag a chair with you). You must press [spacebar] to close the eyes and make the ghost go away. You can also press down arrow key or [S] key to sit. If you think the ghost is pesky, wait to meet the witch. She shows up randomly out of nowhere. Almost impossible to beat.


    For those of you who want more out of this game, there are several hidden achievements/trophies you can try to find and unlock. Any of these trophies is completely optional for finishing the game. For example 'monkey' is what you get when you kick the ball upon start in the first scene. To earn 'View all' and 'Researcher' achievements you must hit 'E' key when passing by each and every mirror in the hallway. If you complete the game without dying, you will earn the hardest trophy of all 'Perfect Passage'. Few others to mention: 'wrong way', 'curiosity', 'comfort', 'look into the eyes of fear' and more. Ask away down in comments if you need an assistance with getting certain achievement.

    jaijai : this one is indeed cute

    abuabu : ok

    abuabu : i have a feeling sometimes that my account is hacked

    jaijai : :)

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    • avatar
      jai (916) - 2015-04-24, 03:04

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      abu (502) - 2015-03-17, 00:50
      i have a feeling sometimes that my account is hacked

    • avatar
      abu (502) - 2015-02-13, 02:48

    • avatar
      jai (916) - 2014-12-29, 03:11
      this one is indeed cute

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