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    Creepy guy just moved into the neighborhood, and he apparently keeps something hidden in his basement and you're gonna find out what it is. So the plot of the game is for you to find out what he's hiding without getting caught.

    The special about the game is that it learns your techniques and than starts to use them against you basically.

    Merry Christmas To You Guys!
    Posted by: crazy, 2016-12-25, 00:13 - 0 comments

    Thank you all for the support you had been giving me by visiting crazyscarygames website througout this year


    and I wish you all the best in the fortcoming year


    Mixing up pixel-art style with FNAF engine to make a horror game is a no brainer to success in horror gaming world, and that's what Distraint is. 

    Distraint came out first on Steam, but it lately made his way to Google Play store, which means you will be able to check it out on your Android device.

    Creepiest Halloween Costumes - Top 10
    Posted by: crazy, 2016-11-12, 09:35 - 0 comments

    1. Scary Clown

    With all the crazy clowns over the past years it probably would have been the best idea to dress up in a clown costume. Yet, it's really the hands that make it scary. 

    2. Marie Antoinette

    Marie was the last queen of France before the revolution wiped out the monarchy. She was killed in 1793. Imagine you're trick or treating and you just see this headless woman coming after you with her head literally in her hand.


    Sister Location is a new the latest but probably not the last sequel of famous Freedy Fazbear pizzeria horror adventure, probably leaving both Freddy and pizzeria out of the equation. 

    Few months back we had a chance to watch the trailer with the upcoming new sequel of Five Nights At Freddy's game series. As you know, despite what Scott Cawton earlier said that there won't be any FNAF 5 he eventually decided to come up with the new game, and according to reviews you can read on Steam where this game's been promoted and distributed, he did a pretty good job. At a price of about 8 US dollars, you get a ticket to a new world of dangerous and creepy animatronics which is according to many player the best executed game so far.

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