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    Two US 12-year-olds stabbed her friend 19 times for Slender Man !!!

    They lured their classmate into the woods and tried to kill her with a knife just to prove that Slender Man exists. They wanted to commit the murder in order to join the Slender Man.

    One thing is interesting about this case, and it's the fact that Slender Man always prays only on children. Some legends say that he abducts them to torcher  them, while others claim that he even eats them. 

    Whatever the truth is, this story is real.

    The Article:

    Video story about Slender - man

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    • avatar
      jai (1050) - 2014-12-29, 03:02
      Well superstitions can be reality at once we believed on it. He may be real or not real.. the story about him is absolutely beautiful and a bit grotesque. Well, if he was real, people trying to go to the woods for some reasons were dead or missing now

    • avatar
      spookygranny (14) - 2014-06-04, 15:07
      I played Slender Man 9 Pages, pretty boring. I don't see all the hoopla about this game. Where did these 12 year old girls get a list of how to kill a friend?

    • avatar
      crazy (4176) - 2014-06-04, 13:09
      what do you think about all this?

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