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    Best Zombie Makeups (gallery)
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-11-05, 07:39 - 1 comments

    If you have decided to try to make a zombie mask, you should know that in this case it is not enough just to paint your face white and add a few strong dark strokes around the eyes, because you are not making a vampire but a zombie. Therefore, I think it is much more difficult to make a good zombie makeup than the vampire's. 

    Zombies are the living dead , and are constantly hungry , looking for human flesh. So, what we need to have is blood and rotten flash, right? The images I've collected from the Internet I find personally the most interesting and can serve as an idea for, say, next Halloween. In the end I have also embedded a video which serves as an example of what you need to create one of these remarkable makeups. What I noticed was that while searching for this, I stumbled mostly upon female zombies. Maybe it's because all this sitting in front of a mirror takes a lot of time and patience, which is something that women feel more comfortable with, unlike men.

    There are hundreds of pages with detailed instructions on how to make a zombie face. I've even found few good zombie make-up kits on sale. A 'ripped mouth' is personally my favorite effect.


    I am not sure if I really need to emphasizes this, but for those faint of heart and those younger than 12, here's an info: All the pictures shown on this page are fake. These are not real zombies, just plain people with make ups. Instead of blood, they use catchup, blueberry juice, or most probably some industrial paint, OK? :)

    When you finish, while you're still here on crazyscarygames, I suggest you play few zombie games from our collection too.

    Ripped Mouth Zombie Makeup Application

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      crazy (4176) - 2014-11-05, 08:35
      did you make a mask this Halloween?

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