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    Creepiest Halloween Costumes - Top 10
    Posted by: crazy, 2016-11-12, 09:35 - 1 comments

    1. Scary Clown

    With all the crazy clowns over the past years it probably would have been the best idea to dress up in a clown costume. Yet, it's really the hands that make it scary. 

    2. Marie Antoinette

    Marie was the last queen of France before the revolution wiped out the monarchy. She was killed in 1793. Imagine you're trick or treating and you just see this headless woman coming after you with her head literally in her hand.


    Whoever ends up wearing this Frankenstain costume is definitely going to end up being the talk of the party. The bulk of the costume comes in the form of the giant head and the giant hands both of which are all rotting and stitched up and it's a super creepy costume. 

    4.Mr Baby Man

    Mr Baby-man is a costume made out of hundreds of different baby dolls that wrap around the wear and make them look like a giant mass of wriggling babies. Babies can be really creepy in horror films but this just takes the cake. 

    5. The Butcher

    The Butcher is a giant fat rotting zombie that has no hands. Instead of hands he has giant meat hook and a saw blade jammed into his fleshy stumps. 

    6. The Mummy Zombie

    Costume covered in decaying rags and a very weird eyes that just give it like a really scary dead quality that won't be matched easily.

    7. The Bloody Zombie

    Bloody zombie costume is basically just a shirt, a burned-up face mask and a lot of red paint or like fake blood, but still though it's really freaky. 

    8. Alien

    It has all you can ask from a Halloween costume: a lack of a nose, strange bony features, and a set of really pointy sharp teeth. 

    9. The Mummy

    Made up of bunch of bones poking out from an old crusty wrapping paper. 

    The Pregnant Lady

    Designed to make it look as if a woman has literally ripped her pregnant stomach open and than torn hew unborn baby out of it. 

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      hoadongtien (50) - 2017-11-29, 08:58
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