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    Creepy On Tumblr
    Posted by: crazy, 2016-03-17, 06:23 - 0 comments

    As you most probably know, Tumblr is a place to post images, text, links and whatnot. So, let's see if we can find anything weird wnough or scary or sick, you know, things that usually caught the eye and make us think - is there anything wrong with us, or maybe wrong with the world around us?

    1. Boy on the playground

    According to the Tumbler source, under that blue plastic bag is a dead boy, while other kids are stil playing on the swings. The photo has been allegedly taken somewhere in Poland.

    2. Lovely Silent Hill Costume

    Here's a nice idea for a next Halloween. Interestingly, there's an icon of mother of god on the wall right behind this demon. 

    3. Creepy Easter Bunny

    We could probably collect a whole series of creepy Santa Clauses and Easter Bunnies with little kids. Take a look at this one. Is there a serial killer behind these deep black eyes. Kids doesn't expect anything. 

    4. Death Trap Toy

    Maybe a Saw movie scene? Animated gif below medieval death trap looks like a bear trap attached to a woman's head, designed to rip her jaws open. 

    5. Little Girl With A Gas Mask

    Kid with a gas mask on is there to remind us of selectivity of horrors of war.

    6. Faceless Nurse

    This sweet faceless nurse is waving you goodbye, for good probably.

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