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    Googling Scary stuff - April 2015
    Posted by: crazy, 2015-05-18, 18:07 - 1 comments

    Just few things I came up while browsing this month ...

    1. Teletubbies in black&white

    This image became viral after one guy Christopher Brown took few Teletubbies cartoons and made a black-and-white compilation out of it. I knew teletubbies were creepy, but this looks more like a horror movie for kids. 'unsettling' is the right word for it.

    and this is how the movie looks like:

    2. Creepy old photos

    Did you ever ask yourself, why old photos look so creepy. I guess it's because they are black and white, grained and people never smile on them. I than searched for the creepiest photo among all and I think I found myself a winner. Take a look at happy family below...

    3. Coulrophobia

    Did you know that fear of clowns or "coulrophobia"  is a phenomena that affects almost 20 percent of the population. It is not a coincidence to have some of the best horror movies with clowns. Remember Pennywise, the dancing clown? Those affected are simply scared to death of clowns, even if they see one in a broad daylight with other people around.

    and under right circumstances, even if you don't have coulprophobia, you would probably feel a little bit distressed if you stumble upon a clown like the one from the video below...

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    • avatar
      crazy (4176) - 2015-05-18, 18:14
      Please send me more scary stuff you find online. Contact me either on email admin at crazyscarygames dot com or directly here

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