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    Creepy guy just moved into the neighborhood, and he apparently keeps something hidden in his basement and you're gonna find out what it is. So the plot of the game is for you to find out what he's hiding without getting caught.

    The special about the game is that it learns your techniques and than starts to use them against you basically.

    It's one of those smart games, those games that like are out to get you. The question is - can we outsmart the computer program? The answer is probably not, but damn you should try.  

    Creepy part about the game is that you are constantly trying to sneak up on him with the intention to get down to his basement, but the problem is he always find the way to read your thoughts and catch you. Nothing terrible happens, you don't get chopped into small pieces, it's usually just him showing up out of nowhere and than a black out. It's the tension about not being caught and the adrenaline rush because in the end of the day, it's you doing illegal trespassing after all. 

    The game is available at the official website where you can purchase alpha releases, and there are like 4 updates to date. Or you could go to steam and search for it there.   


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