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    Here's the list of the best android and ios horror games you can search for and play in 2016. 

    1. The School : White Day

    It's basically an old game just made 3d and adopted for Android and ios devices. You play as a student who got locked inside school after hours. The price of nearly 8 bucks is a little bit on high side amo.

    download link:

    Mental Hospital IV

    As the title implies Mental Hospital is not the first in the series of horror games made by AGaming+. It's a surreal horror story about a boy living inside a hospital when strange things start to happen. The question is. Does all that comes from a mind of delusioned boy or they real. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not after you, correct?

    Sinister Edge

    Sinister Edge is a horror game with puzzles, something like an escape game but it has some really really good graphics, not like other cheap escape games you got used to. 

    download link:

    Fran Bow Chapter 1

    This is payed game which consits of 5 different chapters and each chapter is a game for itself, which means you must pay for each chapter separately. It's a story about girl who lost her parents and ended up in a mental institution. 

    download link:

    Red Woods For Android

    Very challenging little horror game where you spend most of a gameplay holding flashlight, watching the pitch black dark surrounding. Very creepy but as most of these horror games, not free. Actually you can first try out demo. the link is below.

    download link:

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