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    Nox Timore: indie horror game

    Nox Timore or 'fear of the night' is an indie horror game made by a guy named Vidas Šalavejus and I've seen Markiplier playing it almost 2 years ago, so I decided to give it a try. Although based on Unity platform this game must be downloaded first. There's a rar file you need to pick up first, either download it from here or any other indie db source. Anyway, the game is quite small, only 30 MB, so you can have it withing few seconds and give it a try yourself. And there's no need to install it, there's just one exe file. 

    Regarding the game itself, what got me attracted to it, was the fact that there are a lot of youtube reviews about it and gameplays where players are stating this is one of the scariest games ever. Well, I don't think it is the scariest game, but it has its moments. Basically it's the first person game where you navigate through a series of dark corridors. The place must be some basement because there are pipes on the ceiling all over the place. And there are doors as well, where all of them are opened. You are holding a flashlight and your job is to go from point A to point B and back, in order to collect all the notes that someone had left there for you. As you go, the scenery and map changes a bit, new notes show up and the place mysteriously change it's map, like someone is trying to communictae with you and play tricks with your mind. If that sounds familiar and reminding you of the Slenderman series, it's because it obviously is some sort of a Slender-inspired story if not a spin-off exactly. 

    Nox Timore: Marshmallow killer, on your back

    The most striking character in the game is a horrific figure of marshmallow-stick-like creature with bleeding hands and dark shallow eyes. He's all covered in blood stains and he's just sitting there in the corner observing whatever you do but it's not following you. It just turns its head to your direction but does not follow you. 

    Nox Timore is based on several cheap jumpscares, what some players might not be exactly happy about but is a game you should definitely give a try.

    Regarding the game title 'nox' means 'night' in Latin, while I've found that 'timore' in Italian means fear. So it could be translated as 'fear of the night' probably. I don't speak Italian, and even less Latin so I might be completely wrong about this.

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