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    Webtoons is a website dedicated to online comicbooks where a large portion is contributed by Koren horror comicbook artists. The latest series called Shriek, which means 'scream' is a masterpiece of artwork, combining artistic visuals with sound effects. 

    Without getting into details let me just mention that episode 1, called 'A Ghostly Job' begins its dark story in a mental hospital where ghost sightings are reported occasionally. Whether these are just a product of pateients' distorted imagination or there is something going on, it's up to you to judge.

    Here's the list of the best android and ios horror games you can search for and play in 2016. 

    1. The School : White Day

    It's basically an old game just made 3d and adopted for Android and ios devices. You play as a student who got locked inside school after hours. The price of nearly 8 bucks is a little bit on high side amo.

    Universal Orlando Resort is unveiling the cutting edge and terrifying interactive experience that would blend custom virtual relity technology with real life characters and environment to create a whole new generation of psychological horror.

    Today, Universal announced a new experience as part of Halloween Horror Nights 2016 called The Repository.

    'Now You See It' is a YouTube channel which recently published really interesting video analysis in which they discover less obvious tricks about what makes one movie scene scarier then the other.

    The movie in question is 'Lights Out' and the scene is when the lady switches off the lights in a warehouse - monster's appears from the dark and it instantly disapperas when the lights are turned back on. 

    Who's behind the mask? Something you might expect to see around Halloween, really creeping people out in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    They're wandering what's the deal with the person walking around in a clown costume. And as far as we know, the clown kind of just standing there, more less creeping people, not actually doing anything, chasing kids, nothing like that.  

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