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    'Now You See It' is a YouTube channel which recently published really interesting video analysis in which they discover less obvious tricks about what makes one movie scene scarier then the other.

    The movie in question is 'Lights Out' and the scene is when the lady switches off the lights in a warehouse - monster's appears from the dark and it instantly disapperas when the lights are turned back on. 

    Who's behind the mask? Something you might expect to see around Halloween, really creeping people out in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

    They're wandering what's the deal with the person walking around in a clown costume. And as far as we know, the clown kind of just standing there, more less creeping people, not actually doing anything, chasing kids, nothing like that.  

    Although they say it is not a direct copy of PT, Resident Evil series definitely feels a lot like it. And not only that but it's filling that void that PT had left, that many games are trying desperatly to fill.

    What you see below is a trailer of an existing demo for VR version of the 7th installment of the game released this year. Next year we will see this game fully completed tested and released for PC, XBOX One and PlayStation/Play Station VR.

    Beware The Slenderman - HBO Documentary 2016--------------------------------------------

    HBO had filmed a documentary crime story about Slenderman inspired stabbing case and an attempt of murder commited by two 12 year olds back in 2014. The movie has been realeased in march 2016.

    It's a movie about Waukesha, Wisconsin stabbing case that grabbed national attention is now the focus of the documentary. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are accused of stabbing their classmate back in 2014. Police say they attacked their friend during a sleep over to appease the fictional character Slenderman. Both girls are charged of attempted first degree murder.

    Here's the list of ten most scariest and terrifing Eastern bunnies you as a kid would never come near to. 

    And finally, for these kids, Easter is never going to be the same again, ever. Would like to here your personal picks. Which one of these scary mf=bunnies is the creepiest one? 

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