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    Googling Scary stuff - April 2015
    Posted by: crazy, 2015-05-18, 18:07 - 1 comments

    Just few things I came up while browsing this month ...

    1. Teletubbies in black&white

    This image became viral after one guy Christopher Brown took few Teletubbies cartoons and made a black-and-white compilation out of it. I knew teletubbies were creepy, but this looks more like a horror movie for kids. 'unsettling' is the right word for it.

    and this is how the movie looks like:

    2. Creepy old photos

    Fix for playing UNITY in Chrome!
    Posted by: crazy, 2015-04-28, 07:59 - 0 comments

    I just figured out the fix for playing Unity games in Chrome that actually works:

    a) type in your brower's address bar this line and hit enter:


    b) page with all kinds of settings will pop up

    c) make sure that the first option for Enable NPAPI is set to 'enabled'

    d) restart your PC

    With that option enabled, Unity games will work in Chome browser....

    Unity no longer works in Chrome!!!
    Posted by: crazy, 2015-04-20, 11:38 - 0 comments


    If you use Google’s web browser Chrome, you might notice that Unity games embedded in web pages no longer work as of the latest update. In order to play Unity Games, you must use Firefox or Internet Explorer browser....

    Top Horror Games of 2014
    Posted by: crazy, 2015-04-17, 11:33 - 0 comments

    2014 was a pretty good year for horror fans, with a number of titles across several platforms that provided scares and terror aplenty. Here we have a quick look at some of the best, including one which might have passed under the radar or the average gamer. 


    Alien: Isolation

    was a much anticipated survival horror game which took the gloriously 1970s stylings of Ridley Scott’s classic science fiction movie and married them to a tense and exciting mix of stealth and action. The story is set between the first and second movies and sees Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, seeking the truth behind the baffling events which led to her mother’s disappearance. Travelling to a giant space station, the Sevastopol, along with a representative of the shady Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Amanda hopes to find the flight recorder from the Nostromo but instead discovers the station to be in a state of chaos. No prizes for guessing what’s responsible.   
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