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    Two US 12-year-olds stabbed her friend 19 times for Slender Man !!!

    They lured their classmate into the woods and tried to kill her with a knife just to prove that Slender Man exists. They wanted to commit the murder in order to join the Slender Man.

    One thing is interesting about this case, and it's the fact that Slender Man always prays only on children. Some legends say that he abducts them to torcher  them, while others claim that he even eats them. 

    Whatever the truth is, this story is real.

    The Article:

    Video story about Slender - man

    Follow us on Twitter and YouTube
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-06-03, 14:39 - 0 comments

    After a while, I decided to open a twitter page, along with the youtube channel.

    Expect soon to see some posts on those pages too. All the news, I will share on FB, Google+ and Twitter in parallel.

    So, if you are a Twitter fan, start following crazyscarygames there..

    We played ... DayZ !
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-04-28, 15:51 - 0 comments

    DayZ game review 

    There are few keypoints potential players should be aware of ..

    a) The game is not finished and is being sold in it's alpha form.

    b) The game is an mmorpg with players doing everything they can to survive against the environment and other players.

    c) The game is designed to follow the rule of survival of the fittest.

    d) DayZ is set in a fictional post Soviet country that has been attacked by a virus which turned nearly everyone into flesh eating zombies.

    Messaging bugs fixed
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-03-30, 11:22 - 0 comments

    I wasn't aware that messaging system is not working properly.
    There were problems that the latest fix should have covered now:

    - icon images for adding friend, sending message and deleting friend now should appear normally
    - message can be sent to a friend 
    - message can be read and replied to 

    Feel free to report any other problem you find regarding the website functionality.


    Best Horror Movies of 2013
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-02-10, 11:25 - 0 comments

    This is our list of the best Horror movies of 2013. Starting off with Mama and finishing with Insidious Chapter Two, there was enough blood and gore to choke any horror fan.

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