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    CrazyScaryGames on Google Plus
    Posted by: crazy, 2014-01-25, 04:13 - 0 comments

    We also started a Google+ page on this address:

    You can subscribe there (by following us) to get latest news, read about latest games, movies. Each time I update the content of the site, I will also update the Google+ page.

    I think we are jumping on the bandwagon at the right moment. According to some analysis Google+ as a social network is in steady rise and it is very likely to catch up soon with the Facebook, which steadily falls. In this case, I just wanted to give potential users an alternative in tracking latest news, and Google+ seems to be OK alternative to FB at the moment.

    Visit Crazy Scary Games on Google+ and Follow us.


    Hello Crazy Scary players,

    We regularly check your messages from reporting and commenting system.
    Just to make sure everybody understand what's the proper way to use them here's a brief explanation.

    Please leave comments when there's nothing wrong technically with the game, i.e. it loads perfectly fine but you just wish to share your opinion with the community. Whether the game is good, or even better - if it sucks - just let it out and drop a message. If you think the game sucks , just say it - 'This game sucks!', or 'This game loads soooooo slowly' and so on. Also, if you have a question about how to play a game, what to do to pass certain level, need a help, just leave a message. Someone might give you the straight answer.

    Use reporting system only when there's something technically wrong with the game, especially if the game does not load.

    Should one register in order to leave comment/report a game?
    - YES. It is strongly recommended to register first. Don't feel worried about leaving your true e-mail address. It is perfectly safe with us. In case you want to cancel subscription and unregistered, just drop a message to Crazy admin or send us an email and we will remove your data from our database. 


    Crazy - the admin

    The Legend of Slender Man
    Posted by: crazy, 2013-10-08, 06:48 - 1 comments

    We have summarized the story and the myth about Slender man right here 

    You will see there two very first and original images of Slender-man. 
    New Horror Games
    Posted by: crazy, 2013-09-27, 17:48 - 0 comments

    We decided to branch Crazy Scary Games and release another scary website specialized only in Horror.
    Since we think many of you guys find certain games with zombies and monsters just too soft or too cute, we decided to take an action and simply remove them and focus only on pure horror/evil games.

    Interested in our latest horror project? 

    Posted by: crazy, 2013-09-14, 11:44 - 0 comments

    CrazyScaryGames supports mochi highscores. That means that if you're logged in, the game gets automatically submitted, plus it will be saved to our database to be publicly displayed so that everyone can see. In addition to that you can add friends and challenge them to beat your score.

    Here's the first game that supports highscores. 

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