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    Shrek is Love - Hilarious And Terrifying

    This is about one of rather old scary games which got recently updated so it popped up to me the other day while going through some Markiplier's videos. I new it was going to be like one of those Slendytubbies games, or as any other Slenderman clones, but I still wanted to give it go. Most of all because it's free to download, and because it's rather small (only 150MB),... and because I like indie games.

    If you do too want to give it a shot, just follow this link and the download should start automatically by itself. If not, let me know in comments and I'll get it fixed.

    Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life is a ... ummmmm - a swamp simulation horror game, whatever that means. It's made in Unity by an indie developement team who call themselves 'biodynamicgames' (add dot com to that and you'll get to their official website). 

    If you know the Internet, Shrek is a well respected individual who has many homages to him and his gloriousness made on the Internet. 

    Regarding the gameplay, it's kind of a Slender man clone as you just go around the woods collecting 'layers' (of onions) until you collect 8 of them. It does have some cheap jumpscares too, so be warned in case you're not the fan of that type of games. I've seen a lot of people on YouTube who just hate them. Regarding the tips: stick to the path and don't get into the water. The game is hilarious and terrifying all at once.

    SHREK IS LOVE... SHREK IS LIFE... | Swamp Sim

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    • avatar
      crazy (4176) - 2016-02-29, 14:53
      Thanks Ripley! It's a good game after all

    • avatar
      Ripley (1099) - 2015-12-30, 13:35
      I've actually played this game and holy crap I almost had a heart attack and died, but still, the moment I have Shrek chasing me I feel like it's the Alien from Alien: Isolation chasing after me, so I get really scared every time I go to restart the game, so it's a really well made game, I give this 11/10

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