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  • DayZ: A Survivor's Review

    DayZ trailer image

    Before we can begin this review, it needs to be noted that nearly everything about DayZ is built on a promise. The game is not finished and is being sold in it's alpha form. For those of you who don't know, alpha is the stage in game development where everything is pretty much broken and missing. This is the part that has many gamers concerned as to whether they want to spend their money on this unfinished game. The game is scheduled to steadily update to a full final release, however this is the video game industry. Things can and will change. However, it is the promise of what this game can offer that has pushed sales for the title, which is why it is constantly discussed on online gaming forums.


    In DayZ, players enter an actively dying and decaying world full of danger. The game is an mmorpg with players doing everything they can to survive against the environment and other players. During the day players will scavenge the surrounding areas, which is rather large. When the sun is shining the greatest threat to the player is other players. Since this is an mmorpg, gamers can play pretty much however they want. Which means that you can run across some fairly helpful players, but you also can run against some who only wish to harm you. There is an alleged video floating around online that shows a group of players humiliating two other players. 
    DayZ trailer image  
    The game is designed to follow the rule of survival of the fittest. The game tries to avoid the trappings of traditional mmo's and it shows in one way with the choice of clothes determining how much a player can carry. Also, there is the chance that if another player gets shot by a different player, the shot can actually damage items that the player is carrying, which is a mimic of reality at its finest. The controls are your basic mouse and keyboard scheme with the use of hotkeys. Players will be able to communicate with each other through text chat and voice.        
    Now there's a lot of stuff still missing from this game, but what is there, is rather fun. The graphics look good for a mmorpg and it is nice to see one that is not set in a fantasy world. DayZ is set in a fictional post Soviet country that has been attacked by a virus which turned nearly everyone into flesh eating zombies. And the game captures this atmosphere perfectly, even if things have a tendency to disappear or reappear as you wander the wayside. The in game sounds are perfect for the game and it is obvious that the developers have taken their time to make this game as polished as it can be in a very stripped down version of what has been promised. If the game does receive the mechanics that has been touted since the beginning, then this will be one of the best mmorpg's that has ever hit the market. If not? Well, for gamers and developers, Bohemia Interactive, it might be the end of the world. 


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