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  • Dead Island 2 Has a Release Year

    Dead Island 2 Has a Release Year

    Deep Silver is taking us back to the island of the dead in 2015. The first Dead Island was met with mixed reactions from most critics and fans. And the developers really had no one to blame for this but themselves. When Dead Island was first revealed, it had a massive hype train behind it. The main reason for this hype was due to a single trailer that showed the dramatic final moments of a family on vacation as they were overwhelmed by the reanimated dead. This trailer had everything that you would want to see in a video game packed into a tiny little video, so much so, that once you start watching, you can't turn your eyes from the screen. And then Dead Island released. The game was almost broken for some players, while other players suffered from a slightly less broken game. Everything that the trailer had seemed to promise was missing. Here's to hoping that Dead Island 2 is more playable than Dead Island.

     Dead Island 2: Intro

    Deep Silver is taking a whole new approach

    For Dead Island  2, publisher Deep Silver is taking a whole new approach. For one thing, an entirely different development team is behind the scenes. Dead Island was created by Techland. It's sequel is being developed by the same team who delivered Spec Ops: The Line developer, Yager. Yager recently released a new trailer for Dead Island 2 and it would appear on the surface that a lot has changed. But…visions of the first trailer dance across out field of vision.

    Rather gruesome experience of slaying zombies

    Dead Island tried to portray a very dramatic environment and story under the direction of Techland. According to the new trailer, developer, Yager, has taken a new approach, which may prove to be much more like Dead Rising by Capcom, than the original Dead Island. The Dead Rising sequel shows more of an action oriented game with the player capable of using just about anything and everything to disembowel the walking carcasses of the dead. According to ex Dead Rising developer, Techland, the sequel to their creation is more of “it’s all very colourful and I guess kind of goofy.” in an interview with Eurogamer. After watching the newly released trailer, it is easy to see what they mean. The trailer is full of vibrant colors and is distinctively different looking than the original game. The first game was kind of drab, the opposite of what we see in the new trailer. The gameplay shows that the actual act of slaying a zombie will be a rather gruesome and violent experience. I can't wait! 
    Dead Island 2: Gameplay
    Dead Island 2: Gameplay

    The exact date is yet to be released

    Dead Rising 2 will release next year in 2015, the exact date is yet to be released, but at least we know that it is coming. And it looks to be in great hands, going by the previous releases by Yager. Dead Rising 2 and the original are both published by Deep Silver. Dead Rising 2 will release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pre-order bonuses have already been announced, so if you are into pre-ordering, then here is an added reason to get on the list. 

     Dead Island 2: Zombies
    Dead Island 2: Zombies

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