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  • Top Horror Games of 2013

    For almost a century, mankind has predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012. Luckily mankind was wrong and we as gamers were able to continue on gaming in this new post doomsday world with some of the best horror games that have ever been created. 2013. the year that wasn't meant to be, or so some would say, brought out some great horror games across several different platforms including the mobile devices and home consoles, these games included everything from Zombies to Clickers and the scariest ghost story that the internet could provide. So grab a flashlight and a shotgun as we find out which ones made the top horror games of 2013.

    Available for the PC crowd is a truly frightening run through an insane asylum called Outlast. In Outlast, players find themselves trapped inside a horror filled insane asylum, with all the patients on the loose. Players have to go through the dark, using night vision goggles while trying to avoid all the insane patients. If the patients spot the player, the player has to run for his or her life. The graphics of the game are very well made and can make a player feel as if they are truly locked inside this hospital for the damned. The story progress rather well with players able to find notes and other things that tell of the torture the doctors of the hospital performed on the patients. Outlast is a very scary game and is well deserving of its spot on this list.

    Another top horror game is Slender: The Arrival. In Slender: The Arrival it is up to the player to find and gather all the clues that are scattered around the world before Slender Man arrives and kills the player. The thing that makes Slender: The Arrival stand out as one of the top horror games of 2013 is the sheer creepy nature of Slender Man. What began as an online contest in photo shopping quickly became the beginning of the internet’s first urban legend. During the contest, one contestant entered in a selection of photo's that depict a very tall man dressed in a three piece suit, the most chilling aspect of Slender Man is that he is also faceless. Along with the photos were some captions that said that Slender only appears when someone is near death. Once the pictures left the online forum where the contest was held, the internet reacted strongly to Slender Man and it wasn't long before more and more pictures started to appear from all around the world. The myth had begun and Slender is now in one of the top horror games of 2013.

    The Walking Dead, developed by telltale games, is without a doubt one of the best horror games ever created and definitely deserves any spot that it receives on any top list. In The Walking Dead game, players take on the role of Lee Everet, a college professor who is on his way to prison for murder when the infection spreads across the world, turning the population into The Walking Dead. Playing as Lee, gamers will have to escape from the back of a cop car and hide out in a nearby house. Inside the house, players will meet a young girl named Clementine. It is up to the player to make moral choices about how you interact with the new world of biters around every corner. The game is played out across five different episodes with the culmination of episodes bringing the player an entire season of story. Each decision that a player makes is carried over to the next episode, allowing the player to replay the game to see all the different ways the season could end. The uniqueness of this game is incredibly well thought out and sometimes the choices are hard ones. There’s no right or wrong answer sometimes and that aspect makes the game seem vivid and real.


    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a psychological horror game available for pc. In this game, players take on the role of a man who has lost his memory and tries to reclaim it. The only problem is that the world is now filled with terrible monsters who want nothing more than to chew on the main character's flesh. The game delivers some of the scariest monsters to be seen in a horror game. The story is wonderfully told through notes and diaries found and audio logs that can be listened to, as well. This game, also, has a most satisfying final chapter and that is really uncommon in today's horror games. The graphics are great, setting the mood perfectly and allowing a truly terrifying experience. The game also has a decent length, coming in just under ten hours on a first time playthrough.

    Lastly to enter in this top horror games of 2013 is a game that may very well be the best game of 2013 and that is The Last of Us. This high budget game is made by the same studio that brought us the great action adventure games of Uncharted. The Last of Us is a Sony Playstation 3 exclusive, meaning that you have to have a PS3 to enjoy this game; however, the game is so well made that if you don't have a PS3 you should consider getting one just for this game. The game takes place in the near future after a virus turns people into spore infested monsters that only want to attack people who are not infected. Several years after the outbreak, players find themselves with the task of protecting a young teenage girl who is somehow immune to the virus. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay is phenomenal. The story is told through some of the best voice acting known to video games and the games sounds and music are very fitting. This game cannot be recommended enough and is sure to be on any top games of 2013 list, horror or not.
    There were a lot of great horror games released this past year and this list is not able to contain all of them. Some honorable mentions would be Dead Space 3 from Electronics Arts and Dead Island: Riptide, by techland. If you are a fan of good horror games, then look no farther than this list for the best ones of this year. 

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