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  • Top Scary Android Apps for 2014

    Halloween is still a long ways off, but that doesn't mean that things can't get a little scary now, does it? No, it doesn't. So with that in mind, what better way to celebrate this new way of thinking than with some nice scary and horror apps from the Google play store for your Android device? That's what I was thinking, there is no better way.  However, what makes for horror? Does it have to be gross? No. Does it have to give you chills and make you want to close your eyes? Yes. It most certainly does. Today, we are going to bring you the top apps that do just that.

    scary your friend application image

    Screaming into first place is the hit app Scare Your Friends-Shock by Bubble Quiz Games. This app is fully customizable. The app is also really easy to use. The first thing you do is select a hideous looking face, like Linda Blair from the exorcist. The second thing you do is select a scream for the app to play when you scare your friends. The third and final step is to choose how long of a timer to set before your friend gets the shock of their life. It's a great app for parties. You can download this app for free from the Google play store.  

    scary maze for android

    Winding its way to the second place on this Scary Apps list is Scary Maze for Android by Atticapp. The game is impossible to beat, which is the point. Players enter the maze on one side of their touch screen device and have to drag their finger through the maze. Dragging the finger will cause a little blue dot to follow your path. If the finger is lifted, game over. If the finger goes out of bounds, game over. When the game ends a scary image of a werewolf is displayed on the screen with a blood curdling sound. This fake game will give anyone a fright. Scary Maze for Android is available for touch screen devices on the Google play store for free.

    eyes the horror game

    Eyes – the horror game, by Paulina Pabis takes the top honor in this list. In Eyes, you are given a key to an old house and you are told by the game that there is money hidden in the house. It is up to you to collect all the money. The catch is that there is a lot of danger in this creepy old house. Once you get inside the house and pick up the first bit of hidden cash, the game lets loose its horror. The game is easy to play with a small virtual joystick that allows you to control the action. The game is in first person view, which adds to the tension. The sound is great for a mobile and the graphics are rather nice in a creepy haunted house kinda way. If you’re looking for that certain chill to the bone then you should know that Eyes can be downloaded for free on the Google play store.

    maze scary horror

    Maze Scary Horror  perches securely in the number four spot on our list. The game is created by Zoom Art and its sole purpose is to scare your friends. The premise of this game seems simple enough. Using a virtual four way directional pad on the corner of your mobile device, you will guide a small dot through a maze without hitting the walls of the maze. If you hit the wall it is game over with a twist, a scary picture and sound will immediately take place, causing quite the scare. You can choose between several different pictures to scare your friends, like the demon child from the hit horror movie, The Exorcist. This app can also be downloaded for free from the Google play store. Don’t ya just love the word free?


    Closing out the scares is Scary Prank Fun Game. This app is made by Softwego. This game is very similar to Scare Your Friends-Shock but it has a few things different enough to make it worth checking out. The concept is simple, choose the scare tactic that you want and set a timer. Once the timer runs out, the victim of the prank will get a nasty surprise. The app is very well made and the selection of scary pictures is just as good as our number one top scary app. Scary Prank Fun Game is free on the Google play store.

    And this closes out the list of top scary apps for Android. All of these apps are free to download and are ad supported.  There are many scary apps and games for mobile devices and this list just barely touches the surface. However, these are the ones that scare above the rest.

    This scary apps list has been donated by, gaming website which is specialized in scary and horror games for browsers.


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