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    Anonymous Messages
    'Anonymous Messages' is clearly a Slender man rip-off where you roam the dark forest searching for and collecting some recording tapes.
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    Anonymous Messages

    Anonymous Messages

    'Anonymous Messages' is clearly a Slender man rip-off where you roam the dark forest searching for and collecting some recording tapes. We've seen all kinds of stuff to collect in Slender-like games such as notes, messages, balls, so recording tapes are no surprise. The big nasty tree on game's cover suggests that Slendy just might not be your enemy in this version. Is it scary?

    According to the help screen which pops up at the very beginning of this dark adventure, there are two things you need to be aware of. First, there are 6 tapes to collect, and second, your heart rate should be kept below 225, otherwise you die. That is quite original. It seems that this game actually implements literally 'scared me to death' scenario. It might look naive from where you sit right now, but imagine yourself disoriented, running around the pitched-black forest in the middle of the night, where suddenly a tree comes to life and tries to eat you alive. That would certainly push your heart rate to the limits, wouldn't it?

    anonymous messages cover screen

    In the land of god knows where

    Soon you will land in the middle of god knows where without any specific instructions. Here and there you'll stumble upon a pile of boxes and a glittering light, which if touched plays recording of a warning message saying that 'you will regret that' which is quite discouraging. I guess that the recording tapes get activated once collected, playing those messages. In the end you will be presented with some pretty much fuzzy explanation of what was going on, something about building up a time machine gone wrong. Apparently a guy who was 'building it' was trying to get his wife back from the dead, but instead, in the end, it turns out that it was him who was in the coma. I don't know. I guess that part should stay open to be interpreted in a whatever way you feel is right.

    anonymous messages screenshot

    It's Indie

    Just like most of the indie games, this one does not last long. Expect to play 10-15 minutes tops and if everything goes well you could even make it in one playthrough.

    How scary is it?

    The game is not jump-out-of-your-seat scary, but it's scary enough, and most of all it's quick, simple and straightforward, so 'Bug Games' should get credit for that at least.

    To be continue(d)...

    The game ends with the 'to be continued' sign, so whether it's really going to be a continuation "Anonymous Messages 2", I could not tell, we'll see. If it shows up, it will certainly find its way on our list.


    • wasd/arrows - movements
    • esc - pause
    • F - turn the flash light on/off
    • R - replay the last message
    anonymous messages help screen

    About the author

    Bug Games (indie developer). They are still working on this game, bacuse the 'steam' version with the title 'Anonymous Messages' Origins came out last month. If you are interested in details here's link. However, website is no longer online. credits to: Danar Kayfi (programmer) i Mohammed Dmour (2d/3d graphics design)

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