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    Antumbra is one of those creepy horror RPG - 'what would you do' type of games.
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    Antumbra is one of those creepy horror RPG - 'what would you do' type of games.

    Your name is Michael, or William (random names pop up with every retry), and you just woke up in a dungeon. Eerie howling sounds in the distance are getting closer and closer. You've been promoted several options, and only one answer is the right one. If you wait, things just get worse. If you look around, you may stumble upon something in the dark. What would you do?

    image of Antumbra: horror RPG game poster

    Horror RPG

    Making the right choice is what moves you from one screen to another, slowly filling up the gaps in the story. On the other hand, there's no room for errors. Making a bad choice is what always kills you and set your quest to the beginning. By remembering your previous choices you can easily progress back to the point where you were killed last time and use some other option. So the basic game's concept is trial and error, which could easily become exhausting without save points.

    image of Antumbra: game screenshot

    Point and click

    One thing makes this game unique compared to other roll playing games. Not only that you need to click on one out of three offered answers, like in every other text based rpg, but you must also interact with the objects currently displayed on the scene. For example, after you pass the first scene, you should click on the door switch and make sure the door gets locked. This is important because in the next scene the monster could easily sneak up on you from the back, and in that case no matter what choice you pick, you always end up dead. Therefore, it's a good strategy to always explore the scene and see if there's anything you can use by clicking at it.

    image of Antumbra: at the dungeons' gate

    Very hard horror adventure

    Antumbra is a horror adventure, and quite hard one. You will definitely find yourself dying and restarting and going through all of its disturbing imagery over and over again before you reach the end. But, I'd say it's worth the hassle. You will get few jump-scares in the process, which is nice.

    image of Antumbra jumpscare

    About author

    His name is DroneLocker and this is his first game. He did it all by himself, the gameplay, graphics, coding everything. Having Antumbra 2 is a question of success of this part, which I think did really well on kongregate and newgrounds, according to votes and players comments. The game was inspired a little bit by few other games: Darkseed, Silent Hill, Hellraiser, Event Horizon, Shivers and Lovecraft. So basically this is a mixup of everuthing with a little personal touch of author's bad dreams and nightmares from his childhood (as he stated on

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