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    Dungeon Nightmares
    As you feel the darkness surrounding you, another nightmare begins (Warning: 100 MB huge Unity 3d file!
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    Dungeon Nightmares

    Dungeon Nightmares

    As you feel the darkness surrounding you, another nightmare begins (Warning: 100 MB huge Unity 3d file!) ...

    Loading takes way too long?

    Warning! : Loading of the game might take a while depending on your Internet connection. The file is HUGE - 100 MB. If loading takes too long, you better skip this game and play something else. Still if you decide to wait you won't be disappointed - it will be worth your while!

    dungeon nightmares intro

    Bunch of jumpscares

    It's been a long time since we've had scarier game than Dungeon Nightmares. I can freely say that, this is so far the scariest game in 2014. hands down. And it will probably remain that way. The game was meant for true horror fans, because it includes an enormous number of jumpscares. After only one or two jumpscares, you become paranoid. Each time you open the door and enter a new room you expect someone or something to attack you. Somewhere in those background noises you start to make out footsteps, or do you?! This game reached just the right dose of fear in all the right moments. Exactly the trait which differentiates a good horror from a bad one. And this is the great one.

    dungeon nightmares jumpscares

    Gameplay? Who cares ...

    There is no special gameplay for this game nor is it described at the beginning. The player goes to sleep and like any other night, another nightmare is happening. Dreams are always the same. You move along the complicated network of dungeon tunnels which connect numerous cells. You collect items along the away: gold, candles, notes and artifacts. You come across skeletons, mummies, zombies and especially important is 'screaming ghost girl'. Who is she? That is up to you to discover. Your job is to survive each of 7 nights. When you find the ladder leading upwards into the brightly lit room, that is where one night ends for you and another starts. If you survive the last night, your nightmare ends.

    dungeon nightmares notes

    Great special effects

    Great game design, special effects (fog effect) and graphics wouldn't be much without a 3D surround sound effects following the action on the screen. That is why using a headphones is highly recommendable.

    The scariest game online ... ever?!

    Judging by online comments, a face off had already begun, and it is not yet clear who will take the 'scariest game' title between this game and Slender-man. While one side claims that this game is better, others are calling it a Slender-man rip off.

    dungeon nightmares sceleton


    The player moves rather slowly along the dark narrow hallways using WASD keys. Looking around and interaction with objects is done using mouse. So, to open drawers, doors etc, just use left click. It is important to remember that you have to hold down the left click until the door is completely pen. To pick up the pace, press shift key. This control is widely spread among all Slender-man games. Pressing the 'M' key opens up a map which shows your current direction and location. Anyway, maps are randomly generated as well as the object layout and 'random blackouts'.

    dungeon nightmares creepy painting

    iOS and Android

    The game was originally released in April 2014. for iOS and Android. This is the download link for free android version: download link Besides the mobile version, there is also the Unity version (this one) for online players as well as downloadable PC version. My personal recommendation is to avoid mobile devices and to enjoy these kind of games on your desktops and big monitors. It just doesn't even compare.

    dungeon nightmares exit

    About the author - Who is K Monkey?

    It is an indie author, and real name and location remain unknown. There are no 'credits' where this kind of info can be found. However, from what I have gathered, the author goes under the name of 'Joey To' or as 'K Monkey'. I even found one of his games on Google play called 'Flappy Nightmares'. It is obvious that the author had used the existing 'engine' from Dangerous Nightmares and made some kind of parody to Flappy Birds and search for Easter eggs.

    Players impressions

    "scary vision", "terrifying horror experience", "very tense", "scariest indie game ever", "amazing death kill", "blown away by the atmosphere", "better than slender man" Popularity is skyrocketing... just check out all those youtube videos people are uploading where they play this game.


    There is no 'epic' ending, all you get is one simple 'thank you for playing', which can be rather disappointing after all the trouble you've gone through to get to the end. File is huge. I will probably get overwhelmed with messages saying that "it won't load".. That's why I had to put the big warning sign.. And that's why I had second thoughts about publishing it despite the great rankings.

    Dungeon Nightmares #2 | SCARED TO DEATH

    JUMPSCARE RAVEFEST / Dungeon Nightmares

    TheBv777: Giving Me a Heart Attack - Dungeon Nightmares

    crazycrazy : I had second thoughts whether I should upload this game. File is HUGE!!! 100 MB

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      crazy (4176) - 2014-06-02, 14:25
      I had second thoughts whether I should upload this game. File is HUGE!!! 100 MB

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