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    Exmortis 3
    Let's dive into the post-apocalyptic world ruined by demonic creatures from another realm, in 3rd Exportis point and click adventure.
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    Exmortis 3

    Exmortis 3

    Let's dive into the post-apocalyptic world ruined by demonic creatures from another realm, in 3rd Exportis point and click adventure.

    Before we dive into the game, first I'd like to explain how do you start this game. It's a free version with optional signup. I strongly suggest you simply hit PLAY NOW button, wait up a little bit for the game to load and than hit style="color:#ff0000">START button. Please not that this is only a free version, while the full version is paid. Before you start you will have to answer simple yes/no question about your age. Because of the graphic content the game is not recommended under the age of 18. To be honest, I've seen far 'worse' games with some serious jumpscares and practically without any kind of warning whatsoever.


    Is a part of Exmortis series of horror games made originally by Ben Leffler, while this one is signed by '3RDSense'. The series is about demonic cult which invaded our World. Actually a doorway between their world and ours opened up at some point, which let Abhorrents, demonic creatures in. This further led to a collapse of human civilization as we know it.

    How to play

    So, typically your role in this game is to roam the devastated scenarios our world and wither investigate options to revert things as they were or simply to survive. It's a typical point and click game with multiple choices. With several roads or options leading to your death, there's one which leads to the exit, which is basically the goal.

    Rather old series

    The series is rather old. It started in 2004 and than the second part came in two years after that in 2006. This, third part I believe was made in 2009, because I've found that date on Newgrounds website. I am not even sure whether it's been made by the same developer, but it doesn't matter.

    Exportis Wiki

    If you'd like to learn more about the series, I suggest you take a look at the Exmortis Wiki page.

    Interesting facts

    Interesting fact 1 is that the developer used EVP recordings for some sound effects while making Exmortis 2.

    The game series was so popular at the time that it even got into the Urban Dictionary

    Exmortis 3 official trailer

    Exmortis 3 walkthrough

    I simply grabbed the first walkthrough I came across on YouTube, so if you don't like this one, look up for more on YouTube. It's long so it had to be divided in several parts, but if you have autoplay on you should be fine.

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