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    Hide And Seek
    This is a horror hide and go seek game you play against a psychopath and main prize is your life.
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    Hide And Seek

    Hide And Seek

    This is a horror hide and go seek game you play against a psychopath and main prize is your life. Dark survival horror point and click adventure where you run from an unknown maniac who is trying to find and kill you. It is an adventure only because you find yourself trapped in an unknown house with numerous hallways and rooms. Some elements in the game are bordering with surreal, because you will be hallucinating occasionally. To beat the psychopath you have to collect exactly 10 objects ("items with cherished memories" and bring them back to the creature with a devils face. You meet him at the beginning of the story while he sits on his throne, covered in blood, motionless. You will recognize him by the goats head and big horns. If you do that for him, he will catch your persecutor for you and kill him. "Blink if you loose sanity' is a sentence spoken by the daemon, which means that when hallucination start you should click the left mouse button. This is a combination of a classic point and click game with elements of SlenderMan. Hide And Seek Horror game

    Under Development

    The game is still under development (trial version), and is filled with bugs, but we won't be listing them or be too strict towards the developer. Nowadays is very common that games start with an early beta testing, and if audience takes to them and gives good reviews, then further development and bug cleaning starts.

    Hide And Seek Horror game


    Instead of illogical and sudden jumpscares which are very common in scary games, here we have hallucinations. The idea of hallucinations is great but it is not completely clear why is our hero having them.


    You will be collecting various, mostly personal objects which belong to the killer: bone, favorite game flyer, younger brother photographs from last year, Art School app etc. Every encounter with a killer will end fatally and you have to go back to the beginning. That is why it is of utmost importance to listen carefully if he is approaching and hide when necessary. After you see him, the screen goes black and the only thing you will see is 'You Died' note in red lettering. The Walkthrough is not really needed, but it may be interesting to see Markiplier's impressions on hide and seek game.

    Markiplier Play Hide and Seek On YouTube

    About the Game

    The game was made for 7dfps - 7 day competition in making first person shooter game. This is not really a shooter game but is nevertheless great considering that it was made in only 14 days: 7 days of object modeling and another 7 days for coding. The competition was held from 10th to 17th august, and that is when the game was made. The game was made by Brume Studio who gathers indie game developers but for now it is represented by only one man (Feili).


    Most gamers have problems with hiding. Allegedly it is too slow. On the other hand, while you are hidden you can't use sounds to decide when is the right moment to leave your hiding place.


    • W
      to move,
    • Z
      another way to move
    • run
    • crouch
    • Right click for action when unlocked or to hide
    • Left click to blink on hallucinations.
    Hide And Seek Horror game

    Elizabeth4779Elizabeth4779 : I can't even get passed the first trial xD so sad

    Chxrly8304Chxrly8304 : how do i start up the game?

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    • avatar
      Chxrly8304 (16) - 2017-02-18, 19:34
      how do i start up the game?

    • avatar
      Elizabeth4779 (272) - 2014-08-01, 18:58
      I can't even get passed the first trial xD so sad

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