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    Killing Moon
    In short this is a point and click html5 Halloween horror adventure created by 'JoyMashner'.
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    Killing Moon

    Killing Moon

    In short this is a point and click html5 Halloween horror adventure created by 'JoyMashner'. I've seen it on Kongregate's site and maybe few other sites only, because this is html5 game and webmasters still can't figure out how to distribute these types of games. It's not simple as with flash games, where you just need to pick up the file, download it, and than simply upload it to your website where it should than play instantly. On the other hand, good thing about html5 games is that they can be played everywhere regardless the underlaying platform, meaning that you could start this game on any of your mobile devices. Of course, for the best gaming experience, I suggest to play this on your PC and use mouse as usual.

    The game has been organized into several chapters just like many others low-res pixel art games. It has an old-school arcade look and feel, so the best description for it would be a retro RPG horror game. Maybe you won't get the impression of 'horror' at first, as it takes about 10-15 minutes for scary part to kick in, but eventually all creepy and bad things start to happen. This is because the game has been inspired by typical horror movies scenario where teenage kids hang around at first, have some fun, drinking beers, smoking ..., all's cool and well and than bam - some weird things start to happen, such as someone's missing or for worse - someone's head is missing.

    Killing Moon - the dog does not allow you to pass by

    So, Killing Moon is a high school thriller, happening around Halloween, about three teenage friends: Ash (ashley) J. Raimi, Barbara romero and R.J. MacCarpenter during a Halloween party in a high school. If you just give it a chance, you will see how weird sh*t will start to happen. Basically you are playing a role of one of the protagonists.

    The best part about this game is that it took only 72 hours to create it for 'Pack of Horrors' game jam. If you are curios about this jam, Pack of Horrors is a 72 hour game jam privately organized by some friends and developers from Brazil, just as an experiment. Here's the official Pack Of Horrors page on tumblr in case you wanna take a closer look of what's been going on there and who these guys are...

    Killing Moon game scene

    There's a great deal of chance that this is not going to work properly in Internet Explorer (IE), so please swith to some more advanced browser, such as Firefox or even better Chrome.

    Anyway, I believe that the game's been made in Construct 2, which is html5 game maker, so in case you're one of the game enthusiasts here's your chance to check out the limits of this html5 gaming platform. It's amazing right? :)

    How to play (also explained inside the game)

    • Click anywhere on screen to move
    • Click on item to use it
    • Drag one item and drop it on another one to combine them
    • When you see a star animation, that means that you should take a closer look at it
    • Footsteps animation means that your character is moving
    • You may press || pause button to pause the game and get hints
    Killing Moon - main character sketch (this is you)

    Watch 'Killing Moon' Review on YouTube

    It seems that this game has multiple endings and that each one has been given a grade. For instance, watch this guy in the video below. He made it all the way to the end, but the game gave him the worst ending score :( Could you do any better? I know I can't ...

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