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    Slender Micro
    This is 16-bit pixel-art zelda-like version of Slender-man.
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    Slender Micro

    Slender Micro

    This is 16-bit pixel-art zelda-like version of Slender-man.

    Zelda? Not really

    The author himself claims that the game resembles the zelda game series. Beside low resolution of graphic elements and simple controls, there's really nothing I could point out to be actually related to this legendary Nintedo game.

    Slender Micro: Slender-manControls/How to play

    Just like the artwork, controls are also simplified and quite minimized. All you need to move in all directions are arrow keys. The key rule is to look for the notes. And, of course, to stay away from you know who.

    Slender Micro: Don't look note The main protagonist is a silhouette of a boy, who holds a red flash light in his hand and roams around the game map. The flash light illuminates a circle around the boy. To see more and to explore things, you must constantly walk.

    Slender Micro: Another malicious message Once you step inside the house, or whatever that big white thing is, be prepared for a long walk down some long, maze-like corridors. Except the fact that Slender-man is somewhere near, lurking, there are no other specially scary moments. Basically, Slender-man's random, out of nowhere appearance, which is followed by the electric discharge sound, is the only jump scare you will face occasionally. Another not so scary moment occurs when you find the note. While reading the warning line that goes like this "Don't look, or IT takes you", you can hear many creepy noises in the background.

    Slender Micro: Inside The White Facility The game was not meant to bring anything new to the original storyline. It's just a different approach of telling the old story in a new way. Furthermore, low resolution artwork in horror gaming is nothing new as well (Deeper sleep, Lakeview cabin The Last door) and it usually does the trick. This game is actually a part of an experiment which is trying to prove that when it comes to horror games, visual aspect of the game is not always the most important. People are scared of irrational non-existing things, things that they have never actually seen, right? It's your own mind and your own imagination that takes the leading role in scaring you. That and the Slender-man of course.

    Slender Micro: The WoodsLevels

    There are no classic levels in this game, but I've noticed that things become harder as you collect more and more notes. Your walk becomes slower, flash light is dimmer, and Slender-man pops up more frequently. Careless walk in a park, easily turns into a dangerous survival game of cat and mouse.

    About The Author

    Indie developer from Chicago Illinois who runs an online studio for graphic design and flash gaming. Their official website is left outdated since 2012, so I really doubt we shall see more from this developer any time soon. On Newgrounds you can find him under user name 'Bakariboss'. Absolute 8 studio made this game around mid 2012.

    LynabelleLynabelle : Was a pretty good game. But at times it does get rather difficult

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      Lynabelle (169) - 2019-06-29, 18:00
      Was a pretty good game. But at times it does get rather difficult

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