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  • Slenderman Must Die - Sanatorium

    Slenderman Must Die - Sanatorium
    Tired of being stalked by Slenderman?
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    Slenderman Must Die - Sanatorium

    Slenderman Must Die - Sanatorium

    Tired of being stalked by Slenderman? How about swapping sides and chasing him instead of being chased? slenderman must die

    The story takes place in one of those creepy deserted sanatoriums, places you'd usually want to keep miles away. This time you're equipped with a gun, collecting pages as usual, but not to be saved in the end, but to summon Slenderman and finish him off once and for all. And if you think that gun is not enough, there's even a shotgun, hidden somewhere. The only catch is that you must make sure you don't empty your gun too early. I know that's easier said then done and that your first instinct probably is to shoot at anything that moves. But if you do empty the gun too soon, Slendy will show up there in no time, ripping you into pieces.

    slenderman must die: game screenshot

    The game has fast and smooth graphics. Many players agreed upon that this is the best Slenderman game ever. Plenty of gore for true horror fans.

    Game settings

    You probably won't need new graphic card to run this game. I've tested it on intel i5's built-in gpu - hd4000 and it worked just fine. Nevertheless, the game has some pretty cool settings, so you can easily tune it up as you like, by setting the level of graphics from 'fastest', over 'simple' and 'good' to the 'fantastic' (my first choice). So unless you use some really outdated machine you should be good with the defaults.

    Game Controls

    Controls are not too complicated or trivial. Beside the standard usage of wasd keys to walk/run and the mouse to look around and shoot, there are some additional commands: 'e' - pick up items, 'f' - turn the flashlight on/off, 'r' - reload , 'left shift' - run

    slenderman must die: game controls

    Is there going to be a chapter 2?

    As many players already started to ask for more, the developer promised another chapter - Slenderman Must Die 2. The first estimation of delivery was around June 2014 according to game jolt website. Unfortunately this hasn't happened yet. Anyway, I am sure we'll be playing chapter 2 by the end of 2014.


    slenderman must die: gore scenes slenderman must die: gore scenes

    PC and Android versions

    This is Unity game, so you can play it online here at or you can download it and play it offline on your pc (here's a download link). Another option is to go and visit google play store and install this game on your mobile phone or generally any other android device.

    About the author

    The game has been made by only one man, and that makes it definitely an indie game. The aforementioned game smoothness and 3D spacial realism may be thanked to 'Realistic FPS Prefab' - unity scripts made by Azuline Studio. Ok, enough of technical details, we're here to play.

    user comments from all around the web

    "payback time", "emotional release after playing The Arrival", "too many pop ups", "amazing game, better than the original", "this is the best slenderman game"

    Not everybody liked the idea of swapping sides and chasing after Slenderman instead of being chased. Some think that killing Slenderman is like killing a great myth of what once was the scariest Bogeyman on Earth.

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