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    Somnium Exodus
    Somnium Exodus is a horror adventure, which is a bit closer to fictional thriller then classic scary game.
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    Somnium Exodus

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    Somnium Exodus

    Somnium Exodus is a horror adventure, which is a bit closer to fictional thriller then classic scary game. Due to its exploratory spirit of the main hero who is discovering the reasons behind his sudden amnesia, this game could perhaps be interesting to players of room escape genre too.

    The story begins with you waking up in a deserted hospital, all alone with no memory whatsoever of how you even got there in the first place. Sounds familiar? You feel disoriented and horrible, you could use some painkillers right about now. As you begin your search for the pills you start wandering down the halls and discover rather disturbing things which, when taking everything into an account are starting to make sense... The very fact that you are in the hospital is very unpleasant. At the bottom of the screen you can follow the text which closely explains what is currently happening, object which you have found as well as what are the thoughts of our hero at that moment. For example, when he comes across a great red stain on the bed sheet, the text will explain that someone had to have lost a lot of blood there, and a question about weather that person managed to survive that ordeal.

    How to play

    You use WASD or arrow keys to navigate. To use the object which is in front of you press spacebar. In the upper part of the screen there is a 'skill tree'. It allows you to customize you skills using points you have made so far. For example, you will be able to skip some puzzles occasionally or turn off or on the ability to spot the details crucial to the investigation. Green stripe shows your health. Big downside is that health is renewing too slow.

    Game impressions

    The game requires a lot of patience, because it is rather big. Maps show in great detail the total of 32 locations. Artwork is amazing. Some strong language is used in communication, cursing and stuff which is in some situations perhaps even too much. That is why there is a warning about that at the beginning of the game. The final verdict on Somnius Exodus is that quite an effort was put into it and it is up to the players to have the last word on weather that effort is about to pay out or not.


    The author is Azure Games, relatively unknown. The game was made on April 5th 2014, exclusively for, which is the sponsor. Only on you will be able to find somewhat more detailed walktrough, made by players themselves by leaving comments about the game.


    Somnium Exodus

    jaijai : this game is so cute!

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    • avatar
      jai (1050) - 2014-04-16, 23:11
      this game is so cute!

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