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    Jack in the box

    Remember the first Jack-in-the-Box you played with when you were a kid? Of course you do, your still traumatized, right? Remember how it was evilly dressed up in a colorful box that looked like a birthday present? How the innocent looking crank handle begged you to turn it? How the song, “Pop goes the Weasel”, lured you in? We were all victims to varying degrees. Some of us laughed nervously while trying to keep composed. Some of us cried (not exactly our fondest memories). Some of us ran and refused to come back into the playroom until the thing was removed. Heck, we even knew one kid who took a Wiffle Ball Bat to one. Still, no matter what your secondary reaction was to the malevolent toy, we all shared the same first reaction; we jumped out of our skins. After the initial shock, though, we all thought it was hilarious to introduce our unsuspecting friends to this same terror. And now that technology has evolved to high speed information at your fingertips, the prank war has been declared on all fronts of the World Wide Web. So, we are here to help you round out your cache of modern prankster weapons, giving you the edge you need, by highlighting some of the scariest maze games on the internet.

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