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    Minotaur Maze
    Theseus did it with a ball of thread, while you got nothing - will that be enough to escape Minotaur's deadly labyrinth?
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    Minotaur Maze

    Minotaur Maze

    Theseus did it with a ball of thread, while you got nothing - will that be enough to escape Minotaur's deadly labyrinth? A horror game inspired by a Greek myth. It puts you inside this horrible labyrinth of death. The maze is guarded by a mutant creature made by the hands of Gods. In a sense this is a scary maze game, the first one I've seen done in 3D Unity. Minotaur Maze: meet the monster

    The Legend

    Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology who lived entrapped in a maze-like labyrinth. Its name literally translated from Greek means the 'Bull of Minos'. He had the head of a bull and the body of a man. According to legend, every year, 14 children have been sacrificed to him. They were just left there, inside the maze, with the idea that they would never be able to find their way out of the labyrinth by themselves. And most of the time that was the case as all the children were eaten alive by the monster. The only one who ever managed to escape was Theseus. He was helped by the King's daughter who gave him a ball of thread which he used to find the exit.

    Minotaur Maze: a scene from the game

    About the Game

    The game offers you to change the size of the maze, which basically determines the hardness of each level. Start off with minimal 6x6 maze and in time you may increase the challenge up to 17x17. You can return to the 'lobby' anytime and change these settings.

    You don't get to see the player (which is you), except for the torch he holds in his hand.

    Place inside the maze does not show much. Everything looks the same, empty walls, narrow corridors and mist everywhere. Nothing much to see down there really. While you're searching for the exit, Minotaur is searching for you. The more you search, the more it becomes more likely for him to find you. When he does, and in my case that happened every single time, you see an Axe coming at you from the back, turning the whole screen into one big blood-red stain. And that's it - you're dead before you know it. Therefore, all the bloody details have been humanly removed from the end, leaving you almost empty screen with only a respawn button. Unless you develop a system to track your movements (perhaps pen and paper could help), the game is likely to get repetitive, having you failing - each and every time, just like it had me. If you have more luck, let us know how you did, in comments below.

    Deviant Art: one of many Minotaurs

    Other people's comments, that I've picked up from other gaming sites, were divergent. Some of them are 'awesome game', 'amazing music' (absolutely agree on that), 'adrenaline pumping', 'terrifying' (not so much), 'nice to play with friends' (didn't check that though), 'looks unfinished' .....


    • walk - arrow keys
    • run - left shift
    • crouch - left ctrl
    • 'T' is to talk in online versions, but I never tested it, because the server was down. I played only solo version.

    hakobyan98hakobyan98 : Best maze ever 5/5

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : @hakobyan98 yup >:3

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : very much

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : 4 star

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