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Scary Pop Up Games


Scary game reaction cartoon image

Known in the underbelly of maze games as the “mother of them all”, Scary Maze Game makes its way to the top of our list. This one is credited with being the inspiration of nearly all games of this type, which is why it holds a special place in our hearts and also probably why there are at least 7 sequels. The maze is the typical dot through the ever narrowing levels of maze until you reach the heart stopping end where the possessed girl from the 1973 hit Exorcist jumps out at you. It was scary when it was first introduced and it’s still scary now, which is why it tops this list of Scary Maze Games.

As with any weapon, delivery method is crucial. So, we need to point out that these prank maze games work best on larger screens with the maximum volume. If you are pranking on a mobile device, use earplugs for the best sound effects and note that the small screen size of some mobiles may lessen the scary aspect. Other than that, we think you’ll agree that these games deserve their spots on our list, but if you don’t let us know in the comments sections. Happy Pranking!

Watch below maybe the best scary maze reaction ever, on YouTube:

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