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  • 3D Zombie Hell 3

    3D Zombie Hell 3
    Your usual walk around the graveyard has been interrupted by the flash hungry undead visitors.
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    3D Zombie Hell 3

    3D Zombie Hell 3

    Your usual walk around the graveyard has been interrupted by the flash hungry undead visitors. For no particular reason, but blood and flesh, you will get attacked from all sides. Luckily, you don't walk around at night with no weapons in your hand, and actually there are plenty to choose from: axe, mace, dagger, sword and pistol (which you must find first). Axe and the gun are the most powerfull weapons. Your primary task is to find 'the house'.


    Controls are WASD to move, left mouse click to use weapon and control key for run. Beside killing zombies, you can also pick up health potions, which restore your health state. 'F' key is to interact with objects.

    This is a great game, works really smooth, and has great potential. It's just that it feels a little bit empty and unfinished, but generally not bad at all for an indie game.

    zombie gun pointing

    To Chrome users: In case you're trying to play this in Chrome you might not be able to. If that's the case, first make sure you have Unity plugin installed, than that it is enabled in Chrome and finally follow the instructions on this website (news sections) or the instruction I gave on Facebook page about how to play Unity games in Chrome. If that does not work neither, than please leave a comment below and ask for help. You can always switch to Firefox or any other web browser which supports Unity.

    zombie attack

    I really doubt you ever played any of previous sequels, but in case you did, let's enlist few features that are new for this (3rd) release.

    Game features

    • 3D graphic environment build for Unity engine (actually this is old)
    • Automatic weapons (with automatic reload) added
    • 11 bullets limit and you can't find any on the ground, so make sure not to spend all your ammo
    • There's a new option to kill all zombies in a radius with just one bullet. You must search for such weapon
    • New type of zombies introduced. Faster and stronger than any before
    • Zombie revival period is being calculated according to the location of death and your current position
    • Zombies have been made little more intelligent compared to their predecessors, so they will hunt you down accross the map more efficiently than ever before
    shelter from zombies

    About author

    author: Mathf Games ( The whole website is in Turkish, so there's nothing interesting there. That's why you get to see Turkish flash at the beginning.

    cool graveyard

    3D Zombie Hell 3 Official Trailer

    This is indie game, so maybe the word 'official' is too official for a short video preview, but I wanted to give these guys credit and refer to their video. The word 'Cehennemi' that you see at the end means 'hell' or 'hellish (according to google translate). As you can see from the video, the atmosphere is sort of 'Slenderish', as you walk in all directions with a steel bar in your hand across the immense field. But soon you will realize that there's no monster there, nothing mysterious, just ordinary plain zombies. The gate of the local cemetery is broken down and the hordes of the living dead are roaming the field in search for food - you.

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