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    Dark Dayz
    You have survived for 5 years in the land of zombies, now you need to hold on for 7 more days.
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    Dark Dayz

    Dark Dayz

    You have survived for 5 years in the land of zombies, now you need to hold on for 7 more days. The idea about Dark Dayz is to be more than just a plain survival game, although that's what it is among other things. Brutal Studio wanted to build something different - all in one post-apocalyptic game where you will be searching for items, helping survivors, shooting at zombies, building your defense, with variety of maps, weapons and items.


    Dark Dayz - game poster

    It's been almost 5 years since the outbreak of the epidemic. Our main hero is one of the few survivors, if not the last one. It's been almost a year since he saw a living person. He still feels sorry for Kate, who got infected in the first wave. Anyway, life must go on. His main priority now is to find a shelter and some ammo. If zombies find him unready, it will be difficult to get out alive.


    This is 2D top down zombie shooter with the elements of strategy, because you must also repair the fence, collect ammmo and combine all kinds of weapons: wooden stick, hand gun, knives. It appears that throwing knives is the most effective in close combat with the undead, at least at first. Game consists of 7 stages, represented as 7 days in a week. It start off slowly, but it gets harder with time. Not only the zombies will become bigger and harder to kill, but you will also start getting deadlier weapons: hand grenades and machine gun.

    Dark Dayz - gameplay: inside the house

    There are three types of zombies: slow ones - these you see at fist stages. They are numerous but individually very easy to kill. Than there are 'running zombies' - these run and attack very quickly, also more resistent to bullets than slow zombies. Finally, there are zombie beasts, the biggest and strongest of all. If you ever come across one of these, it's good to have a machine gun or a hand grand in your hand.

    Dark Dayz - types of zombies

    In the end, on the 7th day, it turns out that this is just a 'prologue'. Brutal Studio has bigger plans for this game, as this was just a preview. Their goal is to build ultimate zombie battle field, a complete version with even more weapons, more zombies on over 80 missions. At the moment, their project is only at 6 percent on Kickstart.


    • WASD = Move
    • Space = Action. For example: if you want to repair the fence, just press and hold space bar until it's done
    • Mouse = Aim / Shoot

    Dark Dayz walkthrough on YouTube


    Brutal Studio - Small Canadian indie developer team. If you'd like to check out more about the team and their plans, here's the link to kickstart project.

    Dark Dayz - game poster

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