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  • Dead Zed 2

    Dead Zed 2
    Something had happened, some kind of experiment went wrong and got out of control.
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    Dead Zed 2

    Dead Zed 2

    Something had happened, some kind of experiment went wrong and got out of control. People have been dying and returning among the living in large numbers. They have only one thought inside their heads - hunger and feeding! Your goal is to defend yourself against the invasion of the living dead and to survive at all cost.

    How to Play

    You are defending your position while zombies are advancing across the field. At the beginning you have only a gun, but in time you will earn more efficient weapons (M9, Remington, Uzi). To me personally it seams that bow and arrow are far more precise long distance weapons. The most important thing is to aim zombies in the head. It takes only one good shot to the head to take down a zombie. This is not a simple shooting game, although there is no essential difference in regards to the first part. Elements of strategy have been added and the entire game is a bit more elaborated. There is also a map which can be used to send troops in search for survivors and additional supplies. There is also a special weapon which can be activated when so called 'rage meter' is full. Rage meter is 'filled' with headshots only. That weapon is so powerful that it can wipe the whole field of zombies with a simple press on the spacebar. Animations and zombie movements are done exceptionally. Zombies do not look all the same, nor they move at the same speed. It is also interesting that survivors can be organized in different groups, depending on your needs - shooting party or field patrol. Days are not the same either, it sometimes even rains and it is specially hard to shoot when its dark.


    Game is divided in levels. Levels are represented as days since the accident. To survive you have to hold the fort for 40 days, which means that you have to stay alive through 40 levels!


    In this game you fight for you life, you are actually buying yourself more time. So that makes time your most valuable resource and you should spend it wisely. When you send your people in patrol, do repairs or upgrades, that takes time. You earn more time by killing zombies.


    You are not fighting alone. You are the leader of a group of survivors and their efficiency directly depends on morale. Finding of new supplies is what raises morale and enhances survival chances.


    Sooner or later zombies will come so close that barricade aka the fence is the only thing standing between you and them. Make sure the barricades are in good shape at all times, because your life is depending on them.

    Why Zed?

    For those who didn't know, Z is short for Zombie. That is a slang. For example World War Z. Just take a look at how many times z word was used in this text. That is why it can be typed shortly 'z' and it reads 'zed'.


    This is a first person shooter with a single screen, so there is no moving. You just aim and shoot using mouse. And you should learn how to change weapons, and reload ammo.

    • aim and shoot
    • Q
      swap weapons
    • rage mode
    • R
      reload weapon
    • F
      switch firing mode
    • 1
      detonate remote bombs - use keyboard keys 1 through 3
    • P
      pause game
    • O
      change quality
    • M
    Screenshots dead zed 2 screenshot dead zed 2 screenshot

    About the author

    Egor Kurtenau, an indie game developer from Moldova made this game for Netdoppler. Judging by in-game credits, and original setup did not change.

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