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  • I Remain (replay)

    I Remain (replay)
    This is a point and click horror escape game with fairly lonely and foreboding atmosphere while zombies reaching in through windows.
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    I Remain (replay)

    I Remain (replay)

    This is a point and click horror escape game with fairly lonely and foreboding atmosphere while zombies reaching in through windows. Even though this is rather an old Kongregate's game, as it dates back to 2010, it is pretty decent game so I decided to do a replay, so let's see how it goes. image of I remain horror game: poster.

    This is a point and click game, so you can't simply die in here, which is good, right? But on the other hand, if you don't know where to look and what to do, it can get you really frustrated. The game is about zombie apocalypse taking place in your neighborhood. It appears that you are one of the last survivors, running away from zombie hordes, who finds a shelter inside an old abounded house. The game is not quite specific about what your goals are, but I guess that you need to find the way out and look for some other less creepy and less sinister place. Well that, and you're short on supplies, so without food and medicines a safe house becomes a deadly trap.

    image of I remain secure the front door with hammer and nails

    Just like in any other escape game, here too you keep clicking around, picking up things and putting them down in a tool bar. It's not just that it takes to find a use for each thing individually, but you may also combine multiple items in order to solve various tasks. For instance, at a very beginning of this adventure, you get to combine hammer with nails in order to fixate the door at the main floor stage and keep it shut, so it can serve as a barricade.

    image of I remain: zombies reaching in through windows

    One of the first things you should do is to look for a basement key (it is located inside the left drawer of the broken desk). There are some papers left on that desk telling a story of what had happened inside the house prior to your visit. A guy who was living there, had been attacked by some gang who beat him to death. But, before they came, he managed to hide the key of the van (which appears to be the only possible way to leave the place). The problem is that it takes more than just the key to start the van, but the letter does not reveal what that is at that point. On top of everything, it turns out that you're actually not quite alone in the house. There are zombies too, depicted as pale creatures reaching their hands through the cracks of the broken doors or reaching in through the window, blocking your way through the hallway. You just can't get past there, so you need to look for detours.

    image of I remain: van takes off - final scene

    When you finally sort everything out and make it through alive to the van, and when you get inside the van, first you must put the spark plugs into the engine. Next thing is to put the key in the ignition and start the engine. You'll hear the beautiful sound of a diesel motor running. Van takes off, running over few zombies in the process, leaving the spooky house behind. You're safe, at least for now.

    About author

    Author is Atomic Cicada Studio, and they seem to be still in gaming business, although now being oriented more towards mobile instead of dying off flash gaming market - which remains all to moa :)

    I remain video walkthrough

    In conclusion

    I really enjoyed playing this one. It had a good atmosphere, interesting art style, and creative puzzles. Using a bedsheet rope to get to and from your van was something I hadn't seen before. These guys did a great job!

    hakobyan98hakobyan98 : it is the best game i ever played LOL

    RipleyRipley : Cool zombie game ^^

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    • avatar
      Ripley (1099) - 2016-01-28, 17:02
      Cool zombie game ^^

    • avatar
      hakobyan98 (912) - 2015-08-04, 13:13
      it is the best game i ever played LOL

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