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  • Zombudoy 2 The Holiday

    Zombudoy 2 The Holiday
    What do you think: Does Santa like Zombies?
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    Zombudoy 2 The Holiday

    Zombudoy 2 The Holiday

    What do you think: Does Santa like Zombies? If you check out this first person snowball shooter - zombie heads fall off game - I bet you'd say - nope, he doesn't - not really.

    This is a remake of last year's zombie fixed-shooter adapted specially for 2013 Christmas and NewYear's holidays. If you had enough of jumpscares during 2013, now it's time to take a break and enjoy this, quite amusing, but certainly not at all scary game.

    If you're not in a mood to play anything but 'scary' or 'horror' rated, you better pass. What you get here is fun & endless shooting frenzy enriched with great level of details and fantastic character animations.

    All in all, excellent game for Christmas.

    The first sequel

    In the first part of this game you are to protect the house from freaked out zombies who completely lost their mind because they are hungry for food. Starved they roam searching for new supplies (read: human flesh) when they stumble upon your house. It is definitely not in your best interest to let those beasts anywhere near your home. Instead of a warm welcome you should teach them a lesson and show them who's the boss around here.

    After the stone-throwing stage, once you've collected enough money, you can afford much better (fire) arms. Your guiding genie is Bin Laden (which is a really weird choice to use him as the personal shooting instructor). If zombies get inside, you will see them taking hamburgers out of your fridge and going back out. Whatever you do - do not let hungry zombies get away as they will just keep coming until they eat all of your food. At that point, you lose.

    The first sequel has been released in July-August of 2012. One year later and we've got the 2nd redesigned game, with the same old engine and completely new (Christmas) theme.

    Zombudoy 2 - Santa doesn't like zombies

    Now, let's see this part, the one you're playing on this page. Everything being said for the first part stays, except for a few changes such as: the stones have been swapped for snowballs, your guiding genie has turned into a fake Santa, your garden has been all covered in snow and this time you will be defending not the house but the Christmas gifts left under the Christmas tree.

    Despite the perfect sense of smell, probably because the gifts were pretty well wrapped up in the boxes, Zombies can't tell which one is eatable, so they decide to take them all. On the other hand, they could have been hit by Christmas spirit as well, who knows. Anyways, you can't allow Zombies take the presents away because they are meant for the kids. The war on Christmas is on, and this game proves that :)

    Upgrades, Achievements, Levels

    There's a whole bunch of weapons (30+), and 20+ different kinds of zombies. You can go straight ahead from the opening screen to the 'zombies' section (warning: spoiler!) and check out all zombies there: Lolo - The old (green) man with a Quadripod walking stick, crazy ice skater, pop dancer doing Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal forward leaning move, Snowbie, Red Eye Witch (a lot of players have been reported them as being too annoying) and others.

    There's also a neat 'blood' option where you can tune the game down to 'less explicit' mode and make it less bloody and more kid friendly.


    zombudoy shooting frenzy zombudoy 2 rock n roll

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