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    Freak O Lantern
    Freak'o Lantern is a scary Haloween game with lots of candy, pumpkins, costumes and children running up and down the streets and a well made central character.
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    Freak O Lantern

    Freak O Lantern

    Freak'o Lantern is a scary Haloween game with lots of candy, pumpkins, costumes and children running up and down the streets and a well made central character.


    You are a creepy monster kid who snuck out of the house with a mission to scare the heck out of the trick-or-treating children and take their candy. Stealing candy can prove to be a bit harder than you first tought because besides good children with bags full of candy there are some very bad ones tonight, carrying chain saws and bats. Be ware of them because they can cost you your life.
    Before you embark on this Haloween adventure you can choose between story and challenge mode. Story mode consists of 4 levels. The first one is tutorial where you can learn all about yourself, how you move, jump, attack, hide and make armor for yourself. And then there are three more areas where you actually do the stealing of the candy from the kids.


    These are the rules of engagement for the creepy monster kid. Move left and right with A and D keys. Use W to jump, S is to hide behind haloween decoration and to put a pumpkin on your head, which then gives you armor. When armored use K to attack, which requires stamina. You can see the condition of your life force, armor and stamina in the upper left corner. Keep your eye on it because your life might depend on it when deciding on weather to hide or attack. You can only attack when wearing a pumpkin. L is another attack, you shoot the pumpkin projectile at the children. If you want to hide from certain enemies you press A+D simultaniously and you dissapear under the pumpking for a while. Best is to go through the tutorial yourself if you are a first time player.


    • A
      move left
    • D
      move right
    • W
    • S
    • K
    • L

    Upgrades aka Perks

    There are 12 perks available for you to upgrade yourself. These are unlocked when you open a big foil candies. Once you do that you have two choices. Take a random amount of candies or choose one of two perks, it is your call. Upgrade all 12 perks to unlock special options. You are equipped with upgrades when you dragg it into the perk box on the bottom of the perks screen.


    There are only few enemies you encounter while on the rampage. There are kids with chain saws and they deal the most damage. They can easily kill you. If you can't get out of their way or hide from them, the best way is to attack them from behind. Then there are the kids with baseball bats and machetes, little less powerfull but still very capable of killing you. You should also steer clear of the dogs, because they are the enemy too. At the end there is the Boss you have to defeat, so good luck with that one.


    All controls are explained in detail in the tutorial session but if you find these controls hard to remember you can make your own control combination. Just go to the options and click on each control and then press the key you want it to cange into, simple as that.


    The game is very differently accepted by various people. Many thou agree that the monster was very well made and that the music is appropriate. But most of the negatives were about the children and their voices which are not childlike at all. People also comment negatively on volume of the enemies saying that there should be more of them. That would make the game more chalenging. Still, the overall score of the game is three out of five stars which means that it is actually quite good and playable. Some even think that this is a very good hollyday game and most agree that they would spend some time playing. So, never take what other say for granted, try it out and make an oppinion of your own.


    Freak O Lantern dog faceoff Freak O Lantern street view

    jaijai : this is why I love halloween

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      jai (1050) - 2014-04-16, 23:47
      this is why I love halloween

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