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    Hello guys, it's me again and this time I'd like to present you with the top list of absoflutely! the best horror games and the scariest games we could have played in the year of 2015. This is about games people mostly talk about but I would certainly like to hear your voice because in the end - it's your final word that counts, at least on this portal. 

    Ok, here we start.

    1. SOMA

    - is an homage to the darker science fiction of the 60s and 70s that eventually led to the cyberpunk aesthetic. You play as any normal unremarkable dude who just suddenly wakes up in the middle of the futuristic underwater research station with no clue how or why you got there. Finding out how and why you got there are questions that are exhaustively addressed. Unlike other monsters there is one that is almost begging to be looked at, a sputtering steaming mess of a lovingly detailed bio-mechanical monstrosity lid up like a Christmas tree ...

    2. The Forest

    Absolutely amazing & intense survival horror game. If you always wanted to play a true survival game, this is the thing. A game where you have to use a limited resources cleverly to keep yourself warm, fed and safe. A game where you're not battling enemies, but nature herself. The Forest begins with scenamatic plain crash. You awake in a small wreckage of a plain, as a terrifying cannibal looms over you. You watch helplessly as he takes your son. This is the official website current version is alpha and this is download page: and you can get it on Steam for I think 15 dollars.

    3. Dollhouse

    by Creazen Studio, available on Steam. Depending on how the beta goes, the game will probably be launched by the end of this year. The exact date is still kind of unknown. The only thing we know is that beta starts on October 31. The game is a self-constructing narrative where players are living in a world affected by their choices, which means you can create the story by adding in memories or leaving memories out that you find inside your mind. The story plays out in a mind of Mary, a detective trying to unravel her past. He can look through the eyes of your conscience, which is apparently chasing you. You need to escape your own conscience in order to stay alive. ...

    4. Silent Hills PT

    PT or playable teaser refers to the next upcoming Silent Hills game. It is a very puzzle based. When the game opens up, you are in this dark room, cockroaches are all around you, and the doors just randomly opens just like someone wants you to leave out the door. So you leave the door and you are going through this very creepy hallway. A lot of disturbing stuff are going on there and a sense of unsettlingness, a baby crying (ouch!) ...  And you just keep going down the hallway to the other door, you open that door, and guess what? You're back in the same hallway. Like you're stuck in a loop. The point of the game is to dissolve certain puzzles to be able to unlock the next loop to progress in the game. 

    As you go through this loop, the hallway gets darker, the colors change, and there's a lot more scary and disturbing stuff going on. This is quite possibly the most scariest playable demo I have played in a long time. The noise, the atmosphere, the music, really captures the scary sense of this game. Official website

    Unfortunately, according to the notification from their official site it appears that "P.T. is no longer available for download, we appreciate any previous support of the game." I'll see what I can do to find the download link for PC...The problem is that the author Hideo Kojima  might be leaving the Konami company...Despite huge petition, Konami didn't change it's mind regarding the project cancellation. Too bad. 

    The closes you can get to Silent Hills PT right now is Farhan Quareshi recreation for PC of this game .What he did is that he recreated Play station version of the game and adopted it for PC, by using assests directly from the original demo plus adding some of his own. The game is not 100% original and it still lacks few details here and there but it's good enough to give those players who didn't have a chance to try PT out, an insight of what they have missed. The download is free for now, but if you wish you may leave small donation. Here's the link (only ~70MB in size, Windows version).

    And that was it. These were just some of the mainstream scary games we got to play in 2015. Next time I will write more about indie horror games. Until then, enjou our creepy crazy scary games. Thanks!

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