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    Although they say it is not a direct copy of PT, Resident Evil series definitely feels a lot like it. And not only that but it's filling that void that PT had left, that many games are trying desperatly to fill.

    What you see below is a trailer of an existing demo for VR version of the 7th installment of the game released this year. Next year we will see this game fully completed tested and released for PC, XBOX One and PlayStation/Play Station VR.

    Capcom is currently testing the game making sure that it is not too scary for players since it wasn't targeting VR originally. The game has so many jumpscare moments so they want to make sure it is safe to play in realistic 3D VR ambient. They sure don't want to cause massive heart attacks epidemy during a play.

    The accent is more on environment exploration and puzzle solving and less on fighting the enemies, which is probably a smart move. 

    The choice for game'title is also interesting. Known as Biohazard in Japan and Resident Evil in USA, Capcom decided to try to go global, so they merged these two titles into a new one: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

    Now, what do you say, will you dare to play it in VR?

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