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    Slender The Arrival is a horror indie game distributed only over Steam, XBOX and PS, now is available for download on your PC, thanks to ApunkaGames and DarkHorrorGames.

    Now, let's take a deeper look into this game, and if by any chance you're not into reading reviews, skip and go immediately down to the download link provided at the bottom of this text.

    While this game is great there are still some flaws to it that hurt the final verdict. First of all, the gameplay is great. Despite pretty much the usual controls, the only problem is the constant lagging. The graphics is ok but it seems it will only work well on better computers with higher RAM-age. 

    For a new game, the story is actually pretty good. There are only six levels. The story behind the game is quite eerie and suspenseful. 

    Regarding the gameplay, you play as Lauren, who is visiting her friend Kate's house after she was missing. It turns out Kate's house is extremely far from the civilization in the large wooden area. 

    There's a lot of aimless walking in this game, but what you pretty quickly notice is the atmosphere is absolutely dripping with tension. The music slowly building up really puts you on edge. sometimes all you can hear is this droning noise and it does a great job of creating the creepy atmosphere.

    Pretty soon you make it to a house where you find a flashlight, and other than walking this is pretty much the only gameplay mechanic.

    You can focus the light to help you see things more clearly in the distance, but more often than not, you really don't want to be seeing what's out there. 

    Pretty quickly you'll realize that this game is brutal and it's gonna be scariest than any movie you've ever seen.

    And all that is just building up to the one big main event - the appearance of the main man himself - Slender Man. 

    In conclusion Slender The Arrival should definitely come with a free heart defibrillator, I mean that's just basic health and safety!

    And finally - a download link:

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