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    Black Rose
    Creepy story wrapped up in Unity game about you investigating mysterious house to meet up with Black Rose.
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    Black Rose

    Black Rose

    Creepy story wrapped up in Unity game about you investigating mysterious house to meet up with Black Rose.

    How to play?

    image of Black Rose jumping out of the dark

    WASD is to move, mouse click to open doors or to pick up a note from the floor and read it. And you can also run if you like to by pressing the shift key along with 'W'. If you find a door jammed, you can still get in, by pressing space bar several times. That way you will ram it a couple of times, and the door finally gets opened. But remember - that works only on jammed doors. If you hear 'locked door' sound, that means you can't break through and no slamming will get them open.

    3D environment

    The best part about the game is 3D environment. Wandering the dark corridors and having no idea of what's coming up behind the corner brings intense creepy feeling in your guts, that will glue you to the chair and make you stay alert until the finish.

    No weapons, just a flash light

    image of Black Rose: dark stairways

    You got a flash light which barely lits few meters ahead. You would probably prefer some real light instead, but than it wouldn't be a horror game, right? When you get upstairs and get to open the entrance door, you will hear a woman laughter and spot on a note saying that you are not alone. In a house like this, not having company is safer option.

    Secret is in the basement

    image of Black Rose: jammed door

    There's a very detailed map behind the game, but you can't take a top view peak of it. Instead you will be put very often in a position to choose which way to go, and which corridor to take. The more you investigate the more you find out. Apparently there used to be a girl, this Myrtle, who died, somehow, and instead of having a proper burial, her body was put inside a coffin which was than stored inside the house. Everybody was instructed not to go any near the coffin. Actually there's someone called the 'boss' who ordered that. Your job is to solve the mystery of the house, find the dead girl and get out asap. Nobody will explicitly instruct you to do that, but that's what you need to do.

    What's the use of baby monitor?

    image of Black Rose: notes on the floow

    As the game progress, you start finding more details, such as a baby monitor. The game turns to a detective crime story, or some sort of an escape game. What are those little pieces of a puzzle are telling you?

    Just don't look into her eyes ...

    The game has some really weird creepy hum in the background, and from time to time you will hear some really creepy and scary noises and voices. At some point you will hear a call to come down stairs. That was super scary. Once you get to the base floor, underneath the stairs you will find a secret passage to the basement. Under normal circumstances, you would probably never wanted to go down there. But this is the place where you will finally meet the deceased woman - Black Rose. The note warns you not to look into here eyes. How you gonna do that and what happens when you finally meet her, it's up to you to find out. Maybe her eyes will be the last thing you will ever see.

    Updates? Black Rose 2 any time soon?

    The author vaxxer is keeping this game up to date, by uploading newer versions from time to time to Kongregate's site. What I've noticed as new to previous version are 'Options' and 'How to play' buttons on main screen. As you can see from 'how to play' section, the idea about the game is to collect points by getting very close to your enemy as much often as possible, but not too close as that would cost you life. The last message from the author was in October last year when he said he was working on the expansion to this game, on so called 'Story Mode', but until the date nothing was released.

    Black Rose | FREE HEART ATTACK

    AnoyintAnoyint : soooo does a game vanish when Markiplier plays it or what?

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      Anoyint (28) - 2020-01-16, 22:14
      soooo does a game vanish when Markiplier plays it or what?

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