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  • Cold Grip - Alone In The Woods RPG

    Cold Grip - Alone In The Woods RPG
    Cold Grip is an RPG horror story about a man struggling to stay alive while darkness eats everything around.
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    Cold Grip - Alone In The Woods RPG

    Cold Grip - Alone In The Woods RPG

    Cold Grip is an RPG horror story about a man struggling to stay alive while darkness eats everything around.

    First the controls. Fairly simple: arrow keys to move around, 'X' to get into and out of inventory, 'Z' to pick up things or to confirm the choice.

    Your name is Sam and you live in exile away from civilization in cold harsh winter conditions. Your resources are limited such as oil, water, food and you are not able to collect and carry with you more than certain amount. Your main objective is to keep the place lit and warm which means you should stay away from the dark always. The darkness is the problem because there's something inside it that kills people. Some sort of unknown and extremely deadly infection. To figure out what's going on you need more time so your first priority is to stay alive as long as possible hoping that some kind of resolution will come along eventually.

    So basically this is RPG, a horror survival game where you build the strategy of survival, dealing with some common real world problems such as food and making warm shelter, taking enough rest and things like that.

    One of the first things you want to do is to get outside and find the axe to chop some woods needed for the fireplace. Just make sure to go back inside as soon as you hear any strange noises, like baby screaming or laughter, because soon after you will probably have to deal with the darkness. It doesn't decent immediately but rather gradually leaving you enough time to run away and hide inside the house, but if you ignore the warning signs it might get too late when you realize it's some time go back. The idea is to survive the day and repeat the same for the next day and so on. Therefore, the game really fits in the ongoing horror trend of surviving X days in Y conditions, something like FNAF. But except that point it really doesn't have anything common with FNAF series.

    The game is more like eerie than jumpscare scary, and it has a really good horror atmosphere. Sounds, low light, the fact that you're all alone by yourself in the woods gives you the creeps. There are no real gory scene or anything like it except that Sam literally explodes into pieces once the darkness get to him. Except for that little gory details, the game seems quite safe even for younger players.

    This is basically a remake of an earlier horror game called Snowdrift, but it's not just a copy rip off, as the original author was involved in making a remake too. As you can see on the above image, Sam looks a bit different now, but the premise remains identical as well as the graphic style - the game is also very pix-elated which give it that 'arcade style' look. I think that pixel art style is great for horror games. Authors are Iconic Games and Placeable.


    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : .C

    BadEverDayXDBadEverDayXD : ım a playing .c

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