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  • SAS Zombie Assault 3

    SAS Zombie Assault 3
    This is an old school zombie survival game where you must take down all zombie nests before they get you.
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    SAS Zombie Assault 3

    SAS Zombie Assault 3

    This is an old school zombie survival game where you must take down all zombie nests before they get you. How many of these bad breath crawling creatures can you shoot down? The apocalypse is happening as we speak. You have an option to join the squad or take the living dead on all by yourself. In case you can't find any friends right now, leave the game and go to single player mode. This flash version of the game is a typical top view survival shooter. SAS Zombie assault intro image: single player mode

    Android version is made as tower defense because it would be impossible and incredible difficult to control movement and shooting at the same time. That is why the flash version is much better and that is just one more proof that flash console gaming is not dead and it will never die. Music and atmosphere are fantastic. An occasional door squeaking or a distant scream break through the constant metal howling.

    How to play?

    You are a soldier who is locked inside the house which is being assaulted by zombies from every direction. Wooden barricades are placed on all windows and doors. In time these planks will brake and zombies will come inside. And that is why besides your main task which is to kill all zombies you have to make orderly rounds and check barricades if they need to be repaired and strengthened.

    When you finish your mission you get paid. You can buy weapons and ammo then. There are several maps and you will be getting new set of information for each one. Of course, the basic task never changes - and it is killing zombies. The game can be played in single player mode. But there is also a multi player mode and then you will be assigned to a sas team which is made out of random internet players.

    types of zombies

    There are many types of zombies. But for you they are all just pests which need to be eliminated. Some are fast (sprinter), some come in swarms and they are easily killed, other are a bit more difficult to kill (chokers), shadow ones go through all obstacles and follow you around. There really are many different zombies out there. Devastator is an enormous monster, which only slams his fist on the ground and all players in the vicinity are dazed.

    - real guns -


    As far as weapons are concerned, the selection is unbelievably huge. We have raging bull magnum, nitro express, mac-10 and many more but you start with a 'simple' glock, of course. And those are pistols only. There are separate groups 'smgs', 'machine guns', 'shotguns' and special weapons labeled mark-II and MGL-140. These weapons are all real. Not even one is imaginary. MGL-140 is a rocket launcher with 140mm cylinder and it can even throw out tear gas.

    - controls -

    At the beginning controls seem too hard. Everything is done with keys: movement(wasd), qe - weapons change, r - reload, g- grenade, h - holy grenade, f - fix barricade. Space bar is used to buy ammo and to power up weapons. Luckily, shooting is on left mouse click - and I appreciate it! I can't even imagine how is it even possible to play this game on android.

    - Ninjakiwi, google play & itunes -

    SAS Zombie Assault 3 is distributed through several sites: official Ninja Kiwi site, then Google Play store and iTunes.

    On ninja kiwi site there is a tower defense version of this game. In Sas zombie Assault TD we have identical surroundings as we have here, but instead of going around killing zombies you can place turrets to kill them for you. A classic Tower Defense game. Developer claims that in third sequel we get even more maps and upgrades than we had before.

    ninjakiwi sas zombie assault tower defense version

    You can also download it from Google Play it is a free version of Sas Zombie Assault 3. The last update from august 2013 adds another map - Electronics China factory. The game was commented by over 120.000 users and more then 70% gave it a 5 star review.

    The main thing about this game is multiplayer mode and that makes it the most addicting. At any moment, on any level and whenever you want you can join up with your friends. Multiplayer pooling is completely independent from geographical position, platform or type of device. So, if you have an android phone you can easily play with iPhone guys as well.

    sas 3 on google play store

    Screenshot from the flash game

    sas 3 zombie assault flash game screenshot

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